Limos’ Lair is a puzzle game that features Zelda-like/Metroidvania elements! In this amusing adventure, you get to play as a cute creature that can playfully replicate the abilities of its foes. Use your tongue to traverse through each maze and explore the ever-expanding lair.

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A Grappling Hook Tongue?

Yes, you definitely heard that right. In this adorable game, the main character wields a tongue that doubles as a grappling hook, stealing the spotlight as the star of the show. Combine that with the fact that you need to steal your opponent’s signature abilities, and you’re in for a delightfully unique gaming experience full of twists and turns.

The demo for Limos’ Lair has been updated to version 0.6!  If you’d like to try it out, you can do so on and on Steam.

Key Features of Limos’ Lair

A puzzle maze in the game Limos' Lair.

The newly unlocked powers reveal a world of puzzles scattered across the map, waiting to be solved. It’s a quest where creativity and challenges go hand-in-hand, making every borrowed ability and collected trinket a step closer to revealing the secrets and histories of the lair! Keep in mind that you can’t access all of the regions at once. As you discover objects along the way, some will help you unlock those inaccessible sections, while others will assist you in battle with the upcoming enemies. In your quest, follow a mysterious sphere of light to keep you company, level up, and heal the lair of its old curse by seeking the mysteries.

Interested? Hdveere’s a trailer for Limos’ Lair!

Get ready for a tongue-twisting adventure that’s as sweet as it is innovative! Do you enjoy fast-paced casual games? Then be sure to read our post on 3Dash!

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