Getting into World Of Horror but feel like the horror is winning? Don’t feel bad. World Of Horror is an unforgiving game where it feels like the odds are against you when you first start. Fortunately, knowledge is your best weapon for winning against the Old Gods, and we’ve got a bit of that to share. Our World Of Horror tips guide gives you a few pointers in how to make the best of your pre-apocalypse week, and hopefully make your way up the lighthouse to save everyone from that big eldritch loser who’s been bothering you.

World Of Horror is a terrifying 1-bit adventure game that combines a ruthless gameplay loop with the horror styles of Junji Ito and HP Lovecraft. Struggle through the worst week of your life as you go up against the machinations of an Old God and try to thwart its attempts to wreak havoc on earth. The stakes are high, doom is coming, and the supernatural perils that plague the town of Shiokawa are taking a toll on your mind and body.

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World Of Horror Tips

We’ve divided up the tips into categories for your viewing convenience.

Facing The Doomed Town

Much of your gameplay involves trailing around the coastal town of Shiokawa and trying to solve the mysteries plaguing the residents. Unfortunately, the town seems determined to kill you. There are ways to mitigate your suffering though.

  • Personal Hygiene Is Important. A shower at your home can restore a little stamina or reason each day. At least, until the water becomes polluted.
  • Visit The Shop. A small store run by a dog (naturally) often has some very useful items that give you extra options in a number of scenarios. Consider spending a bit of your funds when you start to acquire some.
  • Enlist Help. You can persuade, or threaten your classmates at school to assist in your nonsense. More bodies can be very useful. They might not all see the end of the story though.
  • Use The Facilities. You can use facilities around town like the hospital to restore health, or the library to gather knowledge. These cost you time, but might ease the pressure on you.

Surviving Combat

These World Of Horror tips are focused on the combat system. The creatures haunting Shiokawa are a permanent danger to your health and sanity. There are ways to increase your chances of coming out of a fight in one piece, though.

  • Play Defensively. Healing is scarce in World Of Horror. Any Stamina or Reason damage costs other precious resources to restore reliably. For this reason you can’t get greedy when you fight. Always leave room for defensive actions in the action queue unless you’re either going for broke, or you’re confident you can take the enemy out that turn. Otherwise, you’re just wasting resources.
  • Choose Your Weapon. Picking a weapon is a big deal. You should try and get hold of one as soon as you can to give yourself an edge in fights, but be selective. A firearm seems absolutely broken initially, but soon runs out of bullets and leaves you defenseless. The katana can wreck most enemies pretty effortlessly, though getting it requires a few good rolls. Still worth a try, though.
A screenshot showing a black mirror with glowing eyes peering out. Titled "The Thing Forsaken By God".

Preventing The End Of The World

Armageddon is on its way if you can’t find a way to halt the Old Gods’ plans. Fortunately, managing the oncoming end of the world is possible if you’re smart about it.

  • Watch Your DOOM Counter. The Doom counter sits on the top of the screen (in modes aside from the tutorial quest). Most actions you do raise Doom, and when it reaches 100%, that’s the end of you, the world, and that playthrough. There are a few ways to reduce Doom predictably, like completing cases, but you’re likely to gain more than you lose most days. In some ways it’s like a countdown, however it’s easier to think of it as more like a swindling currency. Sometimes it’s worth ‘spending’ Doom to do things like buy useful items, patch up your character, and other things that could secure your success later. They can’t save the world if they’re dead.
  • Know Your Gods. Pay attention to the God selection at the beginning of a run. The game will tell you what effects the God’s influence has on the world. Some of them will drastically alter how you need to play.

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