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In Starfield, a lot of the actions you take will be very much above board. The game also gives you plenty of opportunities to explore the seedier side of future galaxies, however. For instance, you can assume the role of a smuggler, passing contraband to other nefarious sorts who don’t want to stop dealing in some merchandise just because it happens to be illegal. There’s a thriving market looking for more contraband, if you just know where to unload the goods. Here is our guide telling you where to sell contraband in Starfield.

Starfield – where to sell contraband

Sometimes, you’ll be wandering a distant outpost and you’ll check a container on a shelf to discover it contains contraband. If you pick it up and add it to your inventory, though, you may have just created a problem for yourself. Your ship will be scanned whenever you enter most major systems, and a lot of merchants aren’t necessarily in a hurry to buy contraband. To sell contraband, you need to take it to the Trade Authority in Neon.

Starfield Volii Alpha Planet With Neon Core

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Before you decide to try dealing in contraband, keep a few things in mind. The first point to mention is that you will still be scanned.  You may have a buyer in mind, but you have to keep your freight a secret. Before you accept illegal goods, make sure you are piloting a ship with shielded cargo capacity.

Once you have a ship with shielded cargo, go ahead and pick up the contraband. I have found it in outposts, or stolen it from ships, or tricked other smugglers into giving me their freight. You can also accept smuggling missions from some mission boards.

Head to the Trade Authority in Neon Core. You will find Neon Core in the Volii system, on the planet Volii Alpha. Land at the Spaceport and then emerge from the elevator along the edge of the city. Assuming you make it through any scans, you should be able to talk to Kolman Lang and sell him contraband without issue. He also tells you about the mission board at the nearby Volii Hotel. You may find relevant missions there from time to time.

Starfield is available to purchase on Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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