Starfield Battling Enemy Ships In Asteroid Belt

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In Starfield, as in life, most of us have felt that what we really need is to blast a few starships out of the sky. There aren’t always any suitable targets at hand, however. Then we have to go looking for them, which can be a tedious process of trial-and-error when we don’t know what we’re doing. To spare you that experience, here is our guide telling you where to find ships to fight in Starfield.

Starfield – where to find ships to fight

Space combat can be difficult at first in Starfield. Eventually, though, you’ll likely get the hang of it and find you enjoy it. At that point, there never quite seem to be enough ships to blast. That’s especially true if you’re trying to level up a relevant skill. To find ships to fight, you need to either patrol planets in remote locations around the galaxy, or visit the space combat simulator in New Atlantis.

Starfield Uc Vanguard Proctor At Combat Simulator

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A lot of players who might want to find ships in short order are looking to level up a particular skill. To max out the Ship Command ability, you need to take out or board 80 ships in total. This takes a long while if you find only a few ships at a time.

The fastest way to battle a lot of ships is to visit the space combat simulator in New Atlantis. You will encounter it early on as you learn how to join UC Vanguard. The simulator is located on a lower level in the MAST Building. You earn experience for each ship you defeat, even in the early waves. Those kills count toward your tally, if you are trying to master a skill.

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You may also enjoy testing out your new ship in random battles. While the ship simulator is handy and reliable, you don’t get to use your improved vessel. Out among the stars, you get to use your home ship. Also, you can earn more XP for each kill if you take down powerful adversaries.

Starfield Space Combat

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To find ships, look along the edges of less populated systems. Near a major city, local patrols keep the skies pretty safe (though you can attack them, if you want to try a suicide mission). When I visit more remote systems, I often encounter Spacer fleets. They may be picking on settlers or merchants, or even battling Freestar Collective Rangers. Pitching in lets me get a lot of XP and sometimes score credits from the people I save. I also can often salvage for ship parts.

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A final option is to take on missions at mission boards. Some of those relate to space battles, and you can fast travel to a fight, plus earn extra credits when you win.

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