In this fantasy RPG, you can come across a pair of books that when put together bring disaster. So where can you find On the Transference of Souls 1 and 2 in Dragon’s Dogma 2? Here’s how to use them and where they’re located.

Dragon’s Dogma 2: Short-Sighted Ambition quest guide

You may first hear about this pair of books after speaking with Isaac in Bakbattahl who works at Isaac’s Wares. This will start the Short-Sighted Ambition quest where he tells you he’s reading the first copy of On the Transference of Souls but is looking for the second book to make the pair.

On The Transference Of Souls Dragons Dogma 2 Short Sighted Ambition
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Isaac will first ask for a Ripened Quince, which you can get by harvesting Quince in the open world of Battahl and waiting a day or two for it to age. After giving Isaac the Ripened Quince he’ll ask you to find the second book, giving you a hint to where he found it at a shop in the Checkpoint Rest Town.

On The Transference Of Souls Dragons Dogma 2 Scrap Store
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You can find On The Transference of Souls 2 in Dragon’s Dogma 2 at Ibrahim’s Scrap Store, but it’ll cost you 2,000 gold. Good thing there’s fast travel because it’s a long trek back to that town. If you’re sure you want to see this quest to the end, buy the second copy at the Scrap Store and bring it to Isaac.

On the way, you’ll probably be stopped by his wife and child pleading to you about not giving him the book. This is a huge warning because if you disobey them, you’ll see exactly why they were warning you. You may try completing this quest to see if you can get the first copy of the book from him, but that’ll never happen.

On The Transference Of Souls Dragons Dogma 2 Ending
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Instead, if you give him On the Transference of Souls 2, he’ll try to demonstrate whatever ritual he wants to do. After your screen goes white, you notice that his wife and child have turned to sand, and he doesn’t seem to understand how this happened. You can collect a dropped ring that the wife has on her, but that feels pretty terrible to do, doesn’t it?

I recommend you don’t complete this quest since giving him the second book destroys his family. Nothing good comes out of that pair of books, and since there’s no way to get the first copy from him, this quest always has a bad ending.

Many quests can go topsy-turvy if you’re not careful. Some lead to good endings, and some have bad ones. Luckily, this one isn’t a time-sensitive quest, but there are plenty that require you to act fast.

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