Baldurs Gate 3 Lady Esther Closeup

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You’ll meet many numerable characters in Baldur’s Gate 3. The landscape is densely packed with mysterious strangers, possible friends, and no end of dubious sorts. One of the more interesting people you’ll meet is Lady Esther, but first you have to figure out where she’s located. To that end, this guide tells you where to find Lady Esther in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 – where to find Lady Esther

Lady Esther is an enterprising woman who wants the Githyanki Egg, found in the Creche Hatchery. But you won’t know about that until you find her. And to find Lady Esther, you need to search the dangerous Mountain Pass region.

Baldurs Gate 3 Mountain Pass Location Map

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The above map screenshot points to the precise location of the Mountain Pass outskirts. They are near the western end of The Risen Road, just about due north from the Goblin Camp. The game provides a quest marker called The Githyanki Warrior that can aid your search.

If you haven’t yet made your way to The Risen Road, reaching it may pose a challenge. You need to cross a river in one of two locations, either by hopping across boulders north of where you first encounter Scratch, or by leaping over a gap in a ruined bridge northwest of the Blighted Village. Check our guide detailing all ways to get to The Risen Road if you need more detailed assistance.

Baldurs Gate 3 Lady Esther On Rosymorn Monastery Trail

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Once you arrive at The Risen Road, travel west to arrive at the outskirts of the Mountain Pass. I found it works best if you approach by jumping the bridge north of the Blighted Village. There are some powerful enemy mobs waiting further east that you want to avoid if you can. You’ll find the Mountain Pass outskirts southwest of the Waukeen’s Rest waypoint. They are identified on the map as the pass itself.

Continue your westward journey through the outskirts to encounter a series of unfortunate events. Those events include an encounter with Kith’rak Voss, who is searching for an artifact. Using Persuasion, talk him out of killing you. Then continue southwest across a stone bridge to arrive at the primary Mountain Pass area. If your levels are low, the game will warn you about impending trouble and tell you to get your things in order.

I ignored that advice. You can do the same, if you make sure to avoid combat. Upon entering the Mountain Pass, Karlach may leave your party if you haven’t tended to her feud with the paladins. She did in my case, at least. Travel northwest from the region’s entrance to find and activate the Trielta Crags waypoint. Then head downhill from the waypoint along the Rosymorn Monastery Trail to finally meet Lady Esther. She’ll tell her tale. If you agree to help, you’ll activate the Steal a Githyanki Egg quest.

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