Dirtbikes in Fortnite are littered across the map, but the biggest problem is that someone has usually taken them. This makes finding them pretty hard if you don’t have the capacity to fight another player for them. Below we’ve detailed where to find dirtbikes in Fortnite quickly and easily.

Dirt bike locations in Fortnite

You can find dirtbikes in Fortnite all around the map. The best place to get dirtbikes is between Shady Stilts and Eclipse Estate. There will be eight waiting for you to grab, so even if another play comes in and takes off with it, you have seven more to choose from. This is also the best place to land if you’re playing with a friend.

Fortnite Map With Dirtbike Locations
Image: PC Invasion

The image above shows the best location I’ve seen, with circles where you’ll normally see them. This place normally doesn’t have many players, so you won’t need to fight anyone. However, if you want a guaranteed area with no players that don’t have as many dirt bikes, we know of a place.

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Aegis Temple is west of Sanguine Suites and tends to have two dirtbikes right outside. Players generally go for the lower right of the map when looking for seclusion so this has left this area open from my experience. If you miss them for some rest, head a bit more south to get to Crude Manor and Beep ‘N Bounce. Those two locations have one bike each and are even less visited than Aegis Temple.

For locations that have them in abundance, you’re going to want to go to Creeky Compound, which is east of Rumble Ruins. That’s going to be a real fight though, so we definitely recommend our first pickup above. However, if you like a fight, this is definitely your place.

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