Starfield Caelumite Mining Near Gravitational Anomaly

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Starfield takes place in a distant future, where people wander the stars and explore new planets. The most adventurous among them craft new weapons and armor and build outposts in dangerous environments. But they need to find resources first, and Caelumite is one of the rarest of the materials required. Here is our guide telling you where to find Caelumite in Starfield.

Starfield – where to find Caelumite

Caelumite can be used in multiple instances. I found that I needed it most while trying to construct mods for the various pieces of my spacesuit. A variety of level three parts require a few chunks of Caelumite. To find Caelumite, you must search near a gravitational anomaly.

Over the course of your journey, you will find several anomalies. One of the earliest missions you encounter is called Into the Unknown. It introduces you to the first of several temples, which for a long time humans haven’t entered. For more information on that subject, see our guide explaining how to investigate the source of the anomaly.

While working my way through the Into the Unknown quest, I reached a point where I had to follow distortions on the scanner. I was bad at my job for a bit, so instead I wandered the surface of Procyon III and found a few points of interest that appeared on my map as gravitational anomalies. These locations are easy to see even from a distance. They look like enormous hunks of rock jutting straight into the sky, with stone rings.

Get close to a gravitational anomaly and pull up your scanner. Look along the rocks that litter the area around the anomaly. You should find green points of interest. Get close to one and use your Cutter to mine the material. You will have to focus your laser for a bit, but then you will receive Caelumite to reward your effort. I seem to only ever get one at a time. Then I have to look for another hunk of the material. Around a single ruin, there should be around six chunks. After that, look for another anomaly and try again.

Starfield is available to purchase on Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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