In an exciting revelation that has set the gaming community abuzz, Omniheroes has unleashed its highly anticipated Announcement Teaser, accompanied by a momentous announcement of its global release date – mark your calendars for August 9th!

Awaken, Omniguardian, and take up your sword

As we gear up for this epic fantasy RPG, developed by the renowned studio OMNIDREAM, players worldwide are eagerly anticipating their chance to immerse themselves in a world of adventure, magic, and heroism.

Omniheroes introduces players to the enigmatic realm of the OmniGuardians, seven extraordinary female warriors – the seven valkyries who are the focal point of the game’s enthralling narrative. With a perfect blend of light and dark art styles, the game promises a visually stunning experience that transports players to a realm of unparalleled beauty.

Gather Valkyries scattered throughout the land

It’s not long before you’re overwhelmed and parts of Mirlond are engulfed in flames. As you plunge into the Abyss with the Destruction Beast Baal’s final breath, you wield the Omnideus in a final attempt to take down the Vengeance Valkyrie Arkdina. It’s a hard-won battle, and you’re then tasked with healing the Guardian Valkyrie Eluller in the aftermath. You’ll venture out into the wilderness to find enchanted items that can restore her strength, which, in turn, will increase your bond with the Valkyrie.

This unique feature offers you a glimpse into the personalities of the Valkyries without the heated cries of battle around you. During your downtime, you can solidify your relationships with the Valkyries you recruit by your side, which, given the high quality of each character model, is indeed a visual treat.

Build up your archive and synergies across your travels

The high-quality CG visuals, jaw-dropping cut scenes and landscapes, and lively skill animations go hand-in-hand with the beautiful character portraits as well, and collecting new Guardians populates your archives with special rewards as you unlock each one. Every character has its own backstory to help you immerse yourself into the world of the game – plus, character factions have synergies that can offer useful boons in combat.

For instance, the Valiantors grant a huge boost to the team’s Physical Damage, while the Doomsdayers synergy reflects damage to help the team unleash powerful counterattacks when it matters most. As you upgrade your heroes, you can also farm important growth materials in the Forgotten Land, the Palace of Penrose, or even via the idle rewards you can claim even when you’re logged off the game.

Pre-register to fight alongside the Valkyries and claim IRL rewards

Now on its third week of pre-registrations, Omniheroes will soon let players engage in its strategic 5v5 combat when the game officially launches next month. For now, you can still join the 880,000 players who have already signed up – as the perfect icing to the cake, doing so will put you in the running for the “Valkyrie’s Bestowal” pre-registration event, which will give away 777 free draws and a chance to win $100 Amazon Cards for 99 lucky winners. To top it all off, 10 pre-registrants will score an iPhone 14 Pro 512GB.

If you’re keen on getting your own slice of the pie, you can sign-up and pre-register for Omniheroes on the official website. You can also stay updated with all the latest developments by joining the game’s community of followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord.


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