What The Car? () from Triband hit Apple Arcade exclusively last year, and it is due for Steam release this year. Ahead of that, the developers have released a collaboration update with one of Apple Arcade’s most famous games yet, Sneaky Sasquatch. This update, out now on Apple Arcade, includes 12 new levels, a new world with unique gameplay mechanics, new music inspired by Sneaky Sasquatch, and more. The update also improves the home hub, changes to the party room (now called the achievement room), and other fixes. As of now, an update for Sneaky Sasquatch bringing in What The Car? content hasn’t been announced. Watch the What The Car? Sneaky Sasquatch update trailer below:

If you haven’t played it yet, you can grab What The Car? on Apple Arcade here. Check out our forum thread for it here for more discussion around the game. Sneaky Sasquatch might be the most updated game on the service with how much new content it gets every month. If you haven’t played that yet, grab it here. Check out our dedicated Apple Arcade forum here for threads on all the games and the service in general. You can wishlist What The Car? on Steam here. Have you played both games on Apple Arcade yet?

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