Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Mw3 Map With Town In Village Thats Seen Damage
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is coming with a lot of maps, both new and old. It’s understandable to wonder what is coming, and so we’ve put together a list of all of them. We’ve also included information on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 maps coming in MW3.

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All Maps at launch in MW3

We’ve made sure to put our list of maps launching in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in alphabetical order:

  • Afghan (Core): A desert battle encircled by bunkers and anti-air batteries that are ready to take down attacking aircraft in the arid canyons surrounding the crash site. With the high cliff face above and the dark cave below, the uneven terrain presents risk and opportunity.
  • Derail (Core): A forest surrounds a railway town and its snowed-in facilities. Railcars are scattered over the landscape due to a trainwreck at its center.
  • Estate (Core): An expansive woodland property overlooks a pristine lodge in the Caucasus Mountains. Engage enemies from the perimeter by using the outbuildings and fields or fighting from the main living quarters.
  • Favela (Core): The slums of Rio de Janeiro’s where bystanders spread out in an attempt to escape the oncoming fight. You can fire down on your enemies from the rooftops, or you can stick to the perimeter and eliminate them from afar.
  • Highrise (Core): A midsized map with two opposing buildings surrounding a central worksite on the rooftop. Underground tunnels lead to vantage points on the map’s best vantage points, while an imposing Helipad allows brave and foolhardy adventurers to cross perilous gaps.
  • Levin Resort (Ground War): Following the downfall of General Barkov, the Levin Resort has been left vacant. Players can go through the resort courtyard and shopping center to find great spots to set up enemies.
  • Invasion (Core): An intense multiplayer map with tight-knit buildings, close street fighting, and a long-distance view.
  • Karachi (Core): There is a wide variety of routes and opportunities for climbing in this compact urban setting.
  • Operation: Spearhead (War Mode): Of the game’s launch locations is the large-scale Urzikstan map in a linear corridor within the Orlov Military Base and Kadurin Silo.
  • Orlov Military Base (Ground War): Situated on the mountainous terrain in the northern part of the map, Orlov Military Base features missile silos and bunkers. Throughout the area, squads are able to defend themselves with scattered barricades.
  • Popov Power (Ground War): Providing energy to Urzikstan, Popov Power is the workhorse of Urzikstan. As well as its industrial buildings, the plant has cooling towers and containment structures that can be used to flank and ambush enemy forces.
  • Quarry (Core): With its wide-open map and Crane in the middle, this open-pit mine is perfect for long-range combat. In the offices and warehouses of the Quarry, close-range battles may take place.
  • Rundown (Core): A small South American settlement with a low-running river dividing it from its more sparsely populated neighbours.
  • Rust (Core): Rust is a small, square map with its central tower dominated by the oil fields of the Urzikstan desert. This one is a popular map from MW2.
  • Scrapyard (Core): A collection of airplane wreckage surrounded by buildings. Two main warehouses are perfect for snipers.
  • Skidrow (Core): Central block dominates a midsized urban landscape. The street network throughout the area provides savvy Operators with the opportunity to flank and outmaneuver their enemies. Smaller buildings around the perimeter provide further vantage points.
  • Sub Base (Core): A naval base in the middle of the ocean where submarines dock for maintenance and refueling. There are many vantage points, flanking routes, and killing centers on this midsized map.
  • Terminal (Core): Call of Duty Modern Warfare players are familiar with this international airport. Whether you fight in the terminal or on the apron is up to you. Regardless of what kind of playstyle you prefer, this midsized Multiplayer map has a place for you.
  • Underpass (Core): This rundown South American industrial sector has been engulfed in mud as a result of heavy rains. You can ambush your enemies in the mud and there are plenty of opportunities to do so.
  • Wasteland (Core): Wide-open fields encourage sniper battles in the abandoned Wasteland. All trenches meet at the middle of the Dugout in this map, making it perfect for close-quarters combat.

How Many Maps Are Coming to MW3?

A total of 17 maps will be available in MW3 at launch, including 14 core 6v6 maps, 3 Ground War maps, and 1 War Mode map. More maps will be offered in time as MW2 maps transport to MW3.

What MW2 Maps are coming in MW3 later?

The following MW2 maps will be added to MW3 gradually throughout the live seasons:

  • Farm 18
  • Mercado
  • Shoot House

More are confirmed to be coming, but they have yet to be named.

What is changing in the MW2 maps for MW3?

Graphically, the MW2 maps added to MW3 will be identical to those in MW2, but may play differently as a result of MWIII’s gameplay mechanics. So don’t expect huge changes, they’re still what you remember from the previous game.

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