Okashi Towers is the adorable pixel tower defence that has arrived just in time for Halloween! This real-time strategy game takes you to the 2D pixel world of animals with faces typically recognised as poster children for the spooky month. From bats to cats and… The Kodama from Princess Mononoke? Well, at least they resemble them!

Okashi Towers

Enchanted with a very orange-hue this game definitely takes the Halloween title seriously! You can gather candy recourses to build and improve on your base with all the pumpkins and brooms! If you’re not building towers you can go on the offensive instead, summoning cute and spooky creatures to eliminate other players bases.

Okashi Towers also features a multi-player mode. You and 8 friends can split into a choice from four factions depending on your preferred play style, and partake in offense and defence madness! There are also different home bases to choose from which you guessed it, stay on theme! We get a sneak peak at a few of these from the multi-player lobby menu, which are Pumpkin, Mummy, and Ghost. We definitely think more will be in-game if not added later. My personal guess would be a big witches hat style base!

Multiplayer Lobby

Pumpkins and Pussycats

The fun doesn’t end at just being a standard tower defense, however. Okashi Towers also allows players to unleash their creative flair and build their own custom maps using a bunch of different layout scenery and spooky decor. Challenge yourself and friends on entirely unique maps, and recycle the fun over and over as you explore and generate new worlds to play on.

You can check out Okashi Towers over on Steam. Plus, for a limited time, 10 keys are being given away to people at random over on Reddit to get access to the game early! So be sure to leave a comment over there for your chance at getting a hold of the game for free.

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Okashi banner art

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