Open-world games can be confusing with no sense of direction! So if you want to know where you should be then you need my Second Piece Quests guide. My guide tells you each quest giver so you know the natural progression of the game that you should aim to follow. Or don’t if you fancy a risk of going up against foes hundreds of levels stronger. Who am I to tell you what to do?

Second Piece is a Roblox game that is based on the One Piece franchise… but with a twist. While playing through the game, you’ll also come across other familiar faces from anime franchises. Not only that but there are Specs to obtain that are inspired by popular characters. Feel like wielding Sukuna’s powers? Or maybe you wanna embark on an adventure like Gon? Whatever you decide, you’re bound to have a good time on each island in Second Piece!

Find out more about Second Piece by visiting the game’s Roblox page. We also have a Second Piece Tier List which ranks each of the devil fruits, as well as a How to Obtain All Second Piece Specs guide!

Second Piece Quests

Quests are a great way to grind levels, money, gems and skill points! Plus, in the early stages of the game, it helps with getting to grips with the fighting mechanics of the game. So, let’s get into the guide!

Starter Island

The game’s original spawning point! On this island, you’ll meet two quest-giving NPCs. Bandit Quest NPC, and Bandit Boss Quest NPC. You may have guessed already, but your quest will be to squash some bandits! This quest should be repeated until you reach level 50+ when you’re ready to move to the next island. Don’t forget to use your stat points!

  • Bandit Quest NPC – Kill 3x Bandits
  • Bandit Boss Quest NPC – Kill Bandit Boss once

Orange Archipelago

Smoothly moving between levels 50-300, you have now made it to Orange Archipelago where your next quest giver is waiting! Here you will meet only one quest NPCS, the Clown Pirate Quest NPC. RIP to Buggy’s crew, as you’ll be defeating plenty of Clown Pirates before heading on.

  • Clown Pirate Quest NPC – Defeat 3x Clown Pirates

Shell Town

Welcome to Shell Town which is infested with Marines! As a pirate, this is quite troublesome and the Marines Quest NPC here agrees. You’ll be tasked with defeating Marines which should take you between the levels 300-750.

  • Marines Quest NPC – Defeat 3x Marines

Ape Realm

Time to go ape on some… apes. Channel your inner Geto (wrong anime!) and slay some monkeys. Ok, enough random references. This island will take you from levels 750-1750! Just have a chat with the Monkey Quest NPC and the Monkey King Quest NPC to get started.

  • Monkey Quest NPC – Kill 3x monkeys
  • Monkey King Quest NPC – Kill Monkey King Boss once

Frost Isle

This isn’t the final island, but it’s the final stop on your journey for quests. Frost Isle has you meet the cool (hah!) Snow Bandit Quest NPC who asks you to… You guessed it! Defeat a hoard of Snow Bandits. Because this is the final quest island, you can go from 1750 to max level here until more quest spots are added.

  • Snow Bandit Quest NPC – Defeat 3x Snow Bandits

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