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Since the ARPG Wayfinder has dropped into early access, a lot of players have been attempting to get into the game. As you can guess for any online game no matter how big, servers often can’t handle the demand of the influx of players. Since Wayfinder is on a smaller scale of releases, these issues can feel grander. The one problem that’s causing players an issue is physically getting into the game. When you log into Wayfinder, you may get a “Login Failed” error code. While Airship Syndicate has acknowledged the problem on its Twitter, there are some workarounds you could try. To get started, read below on how to fix login issues in Wayfinder

Wayfinder: How to fix login issues

With Wayfinder being an online-only game, many of the login issues could have something to do with connections and servers. On top of that, it seems to be a platform-agnostic game which could be an element causing the problems. Nonetheless, let’s go over how you can fix it.

  • Check Wayfinder’s Server status – As mentioned, it could be nothing on your end. So head over to Airship Syndicate’s support page to see if the game is acting up. If the issue is appearing on the game’s side, just wait for the game to work. While waiting, read this guide on the best classes in Wayfinder to get yourself prepared. 
  • Whitelist the game on Firewall – Some games need full access to your system to play, and sometimes Firewalls can block chunks of access. This can cause Wayfinder to run into problems. To Whitelist the game head to Windows Security and press Firewall and Network Protection on the left-hand bar. Once in this menu, navigate downward till you see an option called Allow an app through FirewallFind Wayfinder and press both Private and Public. After, press okay and head back to the game
  • Restarting your internet – You’ll get a fifty-fifty chance of this being fixed using this method. When you restart your router, everything resets. This could get you back into Wayfinder faster. On the other hand — it may not, but it couldn’t hurt to try. 


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