Recently at Gamescom 2023, developer The Swordman Studio and publisher Spiral Up Games premiered the latest trailer for their upcoming pixel martial arts RPG, Wandering Sword. Alongside the new trailer, Wandering Sword‘s release date was confirmed for September 15 on Steam. Attendees at Gamescom 2023 were also given an exclusive chance to try out the game at the Indie Arena Booth.

In Wandering Sword, players will assume the role of a young swordsman caught up in a feud and nearly dies. This experience prompted the swordsman to pursue the highest form of martial arts and embark on a quest set in a pugilistic world to become the great hero they are destined to be.

Navigating various landscapes, players will discover hundreds of martial arts forms and weapons to master and wield. As they progress, players will learn how to cultivate their energy through meridian points and become an expert in both the external and internal forms to gain true mastery of martial prowess.

Combat in Wandering Sword is conducted on a tiled board and a unique point. This feature allows players to switch between turn-based mode or real-time mode, catering to both slower-paced RPG enthusiasts and those who enjoy the fast-paced intensity of real-time combat.

Throughout their journey, players will meet a range of unique NPCs. Players can recruit some of them to join their adventures and share their martial arts and weapons with them. Players may also build relationships with the NPCs by interacting with them.

Wandering Sword features HD-2D graphics, which combine retro Super NES-style characters with modern polygonal environments and effects. In the latest trailer, Spiral Up Games highlighted some of the characters, towns, and other picturesque environments in the vast open world of Wandering Sword.

Wandering Sword is designed with great replayability, ensuring that every choice made by players results in different endings. The game also introduces several side quests that players can take on whenever they want to take a break from the main action, allowing for many hours of adventurous gameplay.

Eager fans who want to be notified as soon as Wandering Sword is released can add the game to their wishlist on Steam.

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