Ding ding ding! Your match is about to begin, so I guess that means you need an Untitled Boxing Game fighting style tier list! This punch mayhem game offers a bunch of unique fighting styles to take into the ring to K.O. your opponents. So we ranked all the current fighting styles in this newly released game, so you know exactly which to equip!

Untitled Boxing Game is an up-and-coming Roblox title. Roblox has no shortage of fighting games. However, lacked those with chunky boxing gloves, making this unique game a hit! Step into the ring with all kinds of unique equipment in your arsenal to beat other players in combat and soar the ranks to become the Roblox boxing champion! There’s also a spin for rewards, and even trading!

You can check out Untitled Boxing Game over on Roblox! If you fancy something new, we have Peroxide Roblox Hair Guide or Haze Piece Fruit Dealer.

Untitled Boxing Game Fighting Style Tier List

Ding ding ding!

Fighting Style Tier list

Don’t forget that tier lists are subjective and vary per player! The fighting styles that we recommend may be of no use to you. That said, we build our tiers off personal experience, player feedback, and external sources to get the most unbiased rankings! So we hope that this tier list was useful!


The top dogs! These fighting styles are generally renowned for being OP and a beast in the ring. If you spin for one of these then you’ve hit the jackpot!

  • Slugger  [Ultimate: Rage] – Big hitter! The Slugger deals stronger punch damage than any other style. The drawback to this however is a weak block and dash.
  • Hitman  [Ultimate: Nightmare Barrage] – Arguably better than Slugger, but both still worthy of S-Tier. The hitman only has the downside of a weaker dash. Pretty solid fighting style if you want something efficient with balanced repetitive punches, as well as decent blocks.
  • Hands Low [Ultimate: Blinding Rush] – This style is fast and lethal! It’s got a bunch of stats to make it worthy of S rank, however it comes at a cost of taking more counter damage.
  • Wolf [Ultimate: True White Fang] – The style of all styles. No major downsides, and has a unique ability where players can double up on their M2, dealing extra damage and block break.


Ouch! These fighting styles pack a punch. They’re still tough despite not being S-Tier, so don’t sleep on them.

  • Ippo [Ultimate: Dempsey Roll] – Almost S-Tier worthy. This style is great for dashes, but starts off slowly. If you can handle this however it’s lethal once punches begin landing.
  • Counter [Ultimate: Jolt Blow] – As the name implies this style offers great counter attacks. It’s also paired nicely with a good dash. If you can master this style it’s definitely a threat in the ring!
  • Long Guard [Ultimate: 1-1-2] – The toughest of the basics. It’s got a fast start up and good punches. Well rounded overall.
  • Smash [Ultimate: Smash Punch] – It might be controversial putting two basics into A-Tier, but Smash is well rounded for what it is! It’s tough, crude and high damage.
  • Bullet [Ultimate: Cheating Combo] – Heavy Thunderbolt attacks, but come at a cost of base damage and dash being weak.
  • Hawk [Ultimate: Pure Violence] – It’s A-Tier because its hard to master. Hawk is unpredictable which is great against strategic opponents. Has a weak block though, and player cannot move backwards.
  • Ghost [Ultimate: Goodbye] – Insane speed! The Legendary Ghost Jab is the fastest dig the game offers, but is slow to recover from and can be blocked.


These are average fighting styles, decent overall. You can definitely do better, but these styles are still useful in a pinch.

  • Trickster [Ultimate: Look-Away Frog Punch] – This fighting style is excellent if you like to dash. It’s rather unpredictable and overall fun to play with.
  • Smash [Ultimate: Smash Punch Finisher] – Does massive damage if you can connect the jabs, but its quite hard to control and adapt to. If you master this style it could definitely be an A-Tier on a personal note.
  • Kimura [Ultimate: Dragonfish Blow] – The fighting style on this one is rather basic, however your jabs can actually slow down the opponents. Great opportunity for a finishing move!
  • Corkscrew [Ultimate: Heartbreak Shot] – Slow start up, but offers faster health recovery.


Lower-ranking fighting styles. They’re just not that versatile. You can do better so don’t settle for less with these!

  • Basic [Ultimate: Full Force Uppercut] – This is the beginner style that you have when you first launch the game. It’s good for practice and getting used to the game mechanics, and has no real lean any which way.


Re-spin! We don’t recommend these at all.

  • There are no ranks here right now! At least you don’t have anything that super sucks.

When We Update Our Tiers!

Untitled Boxing Game is still fresh out the bag, so new styles are being added with each update. We aim to keep this tier list as relevant as possible, so we aim to update it whenever new styles are added, which changes the current power scaling and ranks in game. So please check back!

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