Neon Knives reimagines the classic Fire Boy and Water Girl title we all adored back in the days of Cool Maths Games. This striking game invites you and a local friend to share a keyboard and maneuver through the colourful map to find one another. Your goal is to train your inner NPC and survive! Don’t get caught slackin’ or else it’s game over.

Neon Knives

Imbued with pure glowstick energy, Neon Knives blends Perfect Heist into the Night In The Woods art style. There are three different critters to play as who resemble only vague shaped silhouettes of real animals. On a personal note, having the characters be so simple looks fantastic. Plus, it makes the whole Where’s Waldo of the game run smoother since all three characters disappear into the background with ease. Your choice of character also comes with immense drip. The clothes on these guys are nothing short of high-end graffiti fashion.

When you load into a round you’ll be surrounded by a TON of lookalikes. Both you and your local friend must blend into the overwhelming amount of twins and decipher who is who. You can’t trust anyone on the map except yourself. Your one goal is to shoot the other before they sus you out and get you first! Not only does Neon Knives challenge you to be a better NPC, but you also have to strategically snuff out your IRL without looking devious.

neon knives charas

I Have NPC Energy

I’d be excellent at this game given I have NPC energy in the real world. I don’t talk unless spoken to, and if I glitch out I walk into things. All I’m missing is the physical companion to harass into playing it with me… Hopefully, Neon Knives will expand to a broader multiplayer reach. But with each session only averaging a few minutes it may take longer to find a lobby than to play one.

Anyway, this game looks sick! You can check it out for yourself over on where you can play for free and check out more game details. Don’t blend into the crowd just yet, we have more news for you to read. Become A Bunny Girl And Battle In Space In CODE Bunny!

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