Collectible RPG Tower of God: New World’s Hot Summer Festival event is here, and it comes complete with two new characters and a bunch of themed missions.

These new characters include Biole, a red element ranged SSR+, and Xia Xia, also a red element but a support-focused SSR.

Both new characters get an additional unlockable costume, along with existing characters Shisu, Hatz, Ha Yuri, and Hwaryun.

In terms of in-game events, there’s plenty to dive into here. If you manage to unlock Xia Xia, you can actually grab a second version of them by beating Xia Xia’s Growth Mission.

This involves completing a series of eight separate objectives, at the end of which you unlock a whole second Xia Xia. That allows you to power up the character.

If you want to grab a ton of Normal Summon Tickets and SSR Soulstones, then we fully recommend participating in the Dangerous Vacation event. This once again sees you beating objectives for the above rewards.

Wrapping up the fun is the Vacation Mission Event, which instead rewards tokens that you can spend in the Vacation Event Exchange Shop.

That allows you to grab only the rewards you actually want, including Normal Summon Tickets, SSR Soulstones, a Shibisu Soulstone, costume, and a Teammate Grade Enhancement Scroll.

You can grab Tower of God: New World from the App Store and Google Play to participate in the Hot Summer Festival right away. If you’re on PC, you can grab the game from the Google Play Games Beta.

Also, make sure to join the official Discord so you can chat about the event with your fellow players, as well as keep an eye out for future updates.

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