Final Fantasy 14’s London Fan Festival has just kicked off, and with it Square Enix has finally revealed the first of its two new classes coming to upcoming expansion Dawntrail: melee damage dealer Viper. The job was first teased back in July’s Las Vegas Fan Festival, but this is the first time we have a name and a full reveal of the kit.

During the festival’s opening keynote, localisation supervisor Michael-Christopher Koji Fox called Viper a “technically demanding but highly stylish melee job,” where the player can dual-wield single blades for swift strikes, before temporarily combining them into a single sword to deal huge damage with tons of flair. 

As is customary with Final Fantasy 14 Fan Fest reveals, director and producer Naoki Yoshida appeared on-stage cosplaying in the new job gear—sporting a brown and white getup with Tetsuya Nomura-levels of belts across the chest, silver shoulder plates and giving big pirate energy. It’s got a wonderful adventurer vibe to it, fitting for Dawntrail’s focus on exploration and new beginnings with a brand new narrative arc kicking off.

Naoki Yoshida cosplaying as Viper at London Fan Festival 2023.

(Image credit: Square Enix)

The new job will start off at level 80 and can be picked up from Ul’dah, one of the three major starting cities. I’m not usually much of a melee player myself but Viper looks like a ton of fun, and should be a good alternative for fellow dual-wielders Ninja who are looking to try something a little different.

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