How To Support President Hudson Signs Tears Of The Kingdom

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At numerous locations in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you will meet Addison, a member of the Hudson Construction company looking to place branded signs all over Hyrule. Holding up these signs has you engaging in a physics-based puzzle where you place various planks, logs, and other objects in ways that prevent the signs from toppling over. Making up an entirely optional sidequest, these sign puzzles can often prove both challenging and time-consuming to properly solve. Fortunately, by using an incredibly simple trick, you can bypass pretty much all of the busywork that you normally have to go through with Addison’s sign puzzles.

How to easily beat Addison sign puzzles

The trick in question involves the use of Hover Stones, a type of Zonai device that normally helps with navigation and transporting objects around. Simply take out a Hover Stone from your collection of Zonai capsules, activate its hover feature, and place it right underneath the sign and next to the post. In the vast majority of cases, the sign will lean against the Hover Stone and remain in place once Addison lets it go, allowing you to easily earn his rewards.

Note that the signs Addison props up come in many different shapes, so placing a single Hover Stone underneath it might not always work by itself. Even in these situations though, you can usually negate this issue by simply placing two other Hover Stones to the sides of the sign. With three Hover Stones surrounding the sign, the chances of it falling over drop dramatically.

From what I have played so far, Tears of the Kingdom contains at least one Addison sign that incorporates Hover Stones as part of its intended puzzle solution. But of course, that’s far, far from the only sign puzzle in the game where Hover Stones come in handy.

Tears Of The Kingdom Addison Sign Completed Hover Stone

Screenshot via PC Invasion

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