Remnant 2 is a game chock full of interesting decisions to make. Whether it’s the path you take or the speech options you choose, the game molds around you. The decisions you make will often affect the weapons and other gear you receive and can also change the perks you get. When you make your way through N’Erud in Remnant 2, you will come across Tal Ratha, who will give you a number of choices to choose from. You can be eaten or not eaten; either way, you’re going to have to fight. Here is a guide on the two outcomes.

The two choices of Tal Ratha

You have a choice, get eaten or don’t. The temptation to say no and not have to endure the digestive tract of a beast from another world is tempting. However, you should probably read on before committing to a life unmasticated.

Choice #1 Get eaten

Tal Ratha choice guide for Remnant 2

Screenshot via PC Invasion

This is the choice I opted for without knowing the outcome because I have a sense of adventure, and I am not afraid of a little light chewing. However, this did work out in my favor. Choosing this option will result in you having to fight Tal Ratha in another realm, and it is actually a slightly harder challenge.

Tal Ratha has a few attacks in Remnant 2, including a ground slam, a charge attack, and a bullet hell-style spray of energy balls. My recommendation is to wait until the charge attacks and empty your clips into its face. These charge attacks are really easy to avoid with one roll and let you do some damage.

You will receive the Gas Giant weapon for choosing this Tal Ratha choice. It is a Hammer that initially causes 74 damage but also causes corroded damage. The changed attack creates a gas cloud with AoE damage in Remnant 2.

Choice #2 Dont get eaten

Tal Ratha choice guide for Remnant 2

Screenshot via PC Invasion

This is the second option for those who prefer to remain dry. You will still have to fight Tal Ratha, but this choice is slightly easier. The battle doesn’t happen in the metaphysical world and will result in the crafting material for the Nebula handgun.

This handgun fires acid, which applies the Corroded effect on whatever it hits in Remnant 2. On killing an enemy affected by Corroded, it spawns a gas cloud. The special attack created nanobots that seek out enemies and also apply Corroded.

If you are looking to get both weapons, you can always just redo this Remnant 2 fight. However, on your first choice with Tal Ratha, you should pick the option that gives you a weapon that suits you.


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