Who are the Starfield Ryujin Industries faction? When it comes to factions in Starfield, Ryujin Industries stands out as one of the most uncharted. The space pirates of the Crimson Fleet have been at the forefront of Bethesda’s updates, alongside Constellation, the United Colonies, and the Freestar Collective. But, when it comes to Ryujin Industries’ place in the Settled Systems, intel has been harder to gather.

While there’s not a lot we know about Ryujin Industries just yet, we must preface that what we do know, although small in size, is epic in interest. If the idea of a corporate life in Starfield has you intrigued, read on below for our guide on who Ryujin Industries are, where to find them, and how to join them. Before the Starfield release date, let’s get clued up on the Starfield factions and their place in the Starfield lore and timeline.

Starfield Ryujin Industries member is pictured looking over a balcony in the faction's headquarters

Who are Ryujin Industries?

Ryujin Industries is a megacorporation with a powerful role to play in Starfield. As a megacorp, they’re financially-driven, rich, and focused on completing jobs to further their monetary gain. According to an official tweet from the StarfieldGame account, “you either play nice with Ryujin Industries, or you live in fear of them.” So, when considering allegiances in Starfield, it’s clear that Ryujin Industries don’t plan on playing nice to anyone who wrongs them.

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An NPC during Starfield Direct says “if you’ve got morality issues, this definitely isn’t the job for you.” as well as, “Ryujin is hiring the best and brightest of today for our future tomorrow”.

During the Into the Starfield series, lead quest designer Will Shen describes Ryujin Industries as a representation of “corporate life” that has “one of the best starts of any of the factions”.

In a three-part animated Starfield anthology released by Bethesda, an episode titled The Hand that Feeds is focused on the lives of two friends who get caught up in the conflict between Ryujin Industries and a local gang.

Starfield Ryujin Industries dragon symbol is seen hanging over the entrance to the faction's headquarters

Where are Ryujin Industries based?

Ryujin Industries, unlike the other Starfield factions, do not have a main city base. It appears instead that they run their core operations and business outside of Starfield Neon City on the aquatic Starfield planet, Volii Alpha in the Volii system.

Once a humble fishing spot, Neon’s whole vibe changed when the fish were found to possess psychotropic properties, the drug Aurora, transforming this once understated city into one focused on pleasure. Ryujin Industries shares the city with Xenofresh Corporation, who were responsible for building the fishing platform in the first place. The relationship between the two groups is currently unclear.

In Japanese mythology, Ryujin represents a Dragon God and deity of the sea with a knowledge of medicine. Rumors then surround Ryujin Industries as being a medicinal company centered on creating pharmaceuticals from the fish found in Neon City. It’s speculation that will be confirmed once Starfield reaches its eventual release on September 6th and we’ll be sure to update the guide to suit.

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How to join Ryujin Industries

Surprisingly, given the lack of information around Ryujin Industries, we do have actual confirmation on how to join. Quite literally, you sign yourself up for employment with the company. Will Shen revealed during the Into the Starfield series that you apply for a job and Ryujin Industries will “see if you cut the mustard”.

If you’re willing to become a puppet to the megacorporation, carrying out missions for them may fall under dirty work, but you’ll be on your way to earning yourself a ticket on the spaceship ride to the top. As a big financial player, this could result in big bucks for you and your crew.

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