The Lair of the Mantis side quest in Starfield is one of the best side missions to complete early on in the game due to the rewards you will earn for getting through the traps in the lair. However, knowing how to solve the mantis letter puzzle is tricky and will lead you to your untimely death if not done correctly. Here’s how to get through the traps in the Starfield Mantis mission to obtain those legendary rewards!

How to solve the Mantis letter puzzle in Starfield

Mantis Letter Puzzle Starfield

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You must spell “Tyrannis” by stepping on one letter in each row to get through the traps during the Starfield Mantis mission. If you fail to step on the correct letter, you will be quickly gunned down by the overhead turrets. I recommend telling your active companion to “wait here a moment” because they will step on the wrong letter when they try to follow and set off the trap.

If you completed the optional objective for the Mantis quest (Learn more about the lair of the Mantis), you would have found an audio log on Leon Volcain’s body. This audio log reveals that Volcain was left an inheritance by his mother, and she says the Latin phrase “Sic semper tyrannis.” If you count the number of rows in the puzzle, you will see enough to spell the word Tyrannis.

Button Starfield

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Once you reach the end of the puzzle, you must press a red button by the door to deactivate the Mantis letter puzzle. You can then go back and tell your companion to follow you again. In addition, Livvy will automatically follow you into the next room.

Robot Model A Starfield

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However, you are not in the clear just yet because a handful of turrets and robots are protecting the next area of the Mantis Lair. This will be tough if you play a melee character like me, so I recommend switching to a ranged weapon like your Cutter for this portion of the Mantis quest. After you deal with these threats, you will eventually reach a vast cavern that looks awfully familiar, right? Finally, you will be rewarded for getting through the traps during the Starfield Mantis mission.

The Razorleaf Starfield

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The first reward is a legendary piece of equipment called the Mantis Spacesuit, which is a powerful suit for those arriving in this area early in the game. In addition to the Mantis Spacesuit, you will receive The Razorleaf, a Class-A ship with a Shielded Cargo Hold, which allows you to store contraband.

Author’s Note: I wrote this guide while playing Starfield on Xbox Series S.

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