Starfield has only been out in the wild a few days, but now it has the one mod to rule them all: the Starfield Script Extender (SFSE). The mod is the creation of Ian Patterson and Stephen Abel, who clearly spent this past weekend tinkering away while everyone else was exploring space, and this will be the foundation for most if not all of the more ambitious mods Starfield will receive.

The SFSE is a tool that adds additional scripting capabilities and functionality to the game, which basically means it gives modders a whole lot more to play with. If you’ve any intention of playing Starfield modded then this is almost the starting gun for the real work to begin (though the modders are already working fast, and here are the best Starfield mods so far). Scripts offer functionality that isn’t normally available through the in-game tools, and goes beyond Bethesda’s own scripting to allow for more complexity.

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