Starfield fans on the fence about whether to get the game on the Xbox or PC platform got some welcome news this week with Bethesda’s new RPG now confirmed to be an Xbox Play Anywhere title. This means that if you’re planning on getting it anyway but have the ability to play on both platforms, it doesn’t really matter which one you get the game for since you’ll be able to play on the other one at no extra cost while also bringing all of your saved data and other content over with you as well.

The Xbox Play Anywhere tag was noticed on Microsoft’s listings for Starfield this week after the page had seemingly been updated to add Xbox feature that’s been a huge addition to those with both Xbox consoles and PCs. It’s unclear when, exactly, the listing was updated, but an archived version of the page from July 17th lacks the Xbox Play Anywhere tag, so the feature is certainly a newly confirmed one.

This feature was mostly expected to be part of the Starfield package, however, given that the game is a first-party title now that Xbox owns Bethesda. It was also hinted at in previous tweets from a Bethesda support account which suggested that the game would be an Xbox Play Anywhere title, though it seems as though those tweets went out prematurely when they were shared since they were deleted which left the Play Anywhere status unconfirmed until now.

The tag is live on the game’s store page, but not in the list of games that support the Xbox Play Anywhere feature. If you’re less familiar with what all that feature entails, the same page explains the benefits. The three perks most important to Starfield in this case are that you basically get a copy of the game on both platforms after just paying for one version of Starfield, your saves are cross-platform compatible, and whenever the DLCs and add-ons are eventually released for Starfield, that content will be present on both platforms, too.

Starfield is scheduled to release on the Xbox Series X|S and PC platforms on September 6th. You can download the latest Starfield Cheats and trainers for free from WeMod.

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