Publisher Focus Entertainment has officially announced that the upcoming first-person space action-adventure, Void Crew, is set to enter Early Access for PC via Steam on September 7. Launching the game in this phase will allow developers from Hutlihut Games to actively seek feedback from the community to improve the game through regular updates.

In Void Crew, players can team up with friends as a crew of four in an exciting cooperative space adventure. Setting itself apart from other space adventure titles, Void Crew introduces tactile mechanics and epic space battles.

As a crew of ectypes, players will pilot advanced spacecraft on exciting missions through various biomes in deep space, each with its own challenges and breathtaking landscapes. Players are also tasked with managing the turrets, performing emergency repairs, recharging power cells, utilizing space station weaponry, and fabricating munitions. Each member of the crew will have a unique role, requiring them to prioritize the most urgent task.

Void Crew also features on-the-go installable ship systems, allowing players to quickly switch their strategies. Players may also customize their characters with stylish spacesuits and rich upgrades.

Void Crew Early Access Roadmap
Image: Focus Entertainment

Committed to its community-driven development journey, Focus Entertainment has shared details about the Early Access roadmap for Void Crew, outlining the first three updates to arrive as well as some insights on the fourth and fifth updates. The first update is expected to introduce a new weapon, enemy, and new cosmetics. The second update will focus on addressing community feedback. The third release expands the game with new objectives, ship loadouts, events, and more. The fourth update adds customization options and the fifth brings more challenges like boss battles.

Following the five initial updates, the Early Access stage of Void Crew is expected to continue for a while, concluding only as soon as the developers are confident in the game’s readiness for a full release.

Eager fans who want to be notified when Void Crew becomes available can now add the game to their Steam wishlist.

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