Want to know who SOULS Best Heroes are? We know, and we don’t gatekeep. Settle in as we share with you our top Heroes from the stunning SOULS game. Using this guide you can easily craft the perfect team that will aid in your story progression within the game.

SOULS is an immersive roleplay mobile game with an exquisite art style. Embark on your adventure where you begin on a broken continent consumed by darkness. Become invested in the gameplay as you meet heroes with unique traits and personalities. Using the various heroes to strategise your gameplay, you can take down enemies, uncover prizes and save the world!

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SOULS Best Heroes

Well, we wouldn’t be writing about the worst here, would we? Let’s get stuck in!

Who Is The Best Of The Best?

Well, we can’t say. That’s the short answer anyway. SOULS is such a well-crafted game that forces you to utilise different strategies to see victory. You may have a favourite hero, but that hero alone will need support from their teammates to win back the light. SOULS is all about your Hero’s partnership and what role they play on the battlefield, everyone has importance!

Best Heroes For Your Team

So here is the list of our Best Heroes! These Heroes all have their perks to bring to your battles. The best team overall would be one with a balanced Hero variety, bringing a unique battle strategy to the field. Be sure to choose wisely from this list! You don’t want to end up with only one Hero type.

  • Babu [Epic, Tanker, Strength]
  • Benzel [Epic, Dealer Intelligence]
  • Bahzam [Epic, Dealer, Agility]
  • Kaion [Epic, Dealer, Strength]
  • Taros [Epic, Tanker, Strength]
  • Ulion [Epic, Dealer, Strength]
  • Zenon [Epic, Supporter, Strength]
  • Lilith [Epic, Dealer, Agility]
  • Rakan [Epic, Tanker, Strength]
  • Solina [Epic, Healer, Intelligence]
  • Void [Epic, Healer, Intelligence]
  • Odelia [Epic, Healer, Intelligence]

When Do We Update Our Best Picks?

We will update our Best Heroes picks as the game expands with new characters or updates that shift the power balance of Heroes within the game! This Best Heroes list was last updated on September 9th, 2023.

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