A job listing for the unannounced new IP from Sony Bend, the studio behind Days Gone and Syphon Filter, indicates that it will feature live-service elements.

2024 might seem like a bit of a dry year for PlayStation so far (especially with reports that it won’t be releasing any new major existing franchise titles until 2025), but the company does at least have a lot of exciting projects in the works. One of the more mysterious games in development is the new IP from Sony Bend, which was confirmed several years ago following the news that Days Gone 2 wasn’t going to happen.

We don’t yet know much about what Sony Bend is working on, but we have had some hints in the past, like the studio saying that it’ll use some “open-world elements” that were introduced in Days Gone. It was also suggested all the way back in 2021 that it might have a multiplayer component, something that was confirmed a year later and has been further cemented by a job listing.

As reported by Game Rant, a job listing on Sony Bend’s website for “Lead Project Manager” gives some hints about what the studio is currently working on and suggests that the title is going to have some live-service elements. We previously knew that multiplayer was going to be a part of the unannounced title, but it seems that it’ll specifically be a live service experience.

In the “Agile Coaching” section of the application, it’s mentioned that the applicant needs to be able to lead a team through the “key phases” of the title’s development, which include “pre-production, production, and live-services”. Later in the application, it notes that anyone applying should have “Hands-on game development experience in leadership roles shipping AAA live service games”.

“Lead our agile strategy and processes in alignment with our studio goals, the specific needs of our teams, and key phases of development (pre-production, production, live services).”

It’s not clear when this job listing was posted on PlayStation and Sony Bend’s website, so it’s not clear how far along the project is, but all of the evidence suggests that the studio’s next game will feature some kind of live component to its multiplayer. Considering how long it’s been since the project was confirmed to be in development, it’s likely that we’ll find out for sure soon, but let’s hope it continues the hot streak that Helldivers 2 has started.

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