In total, Slay the Princess has ninety-seven achievements; that may seem like a lot, but you’ll get them all if you play through everything. Here’s a Slay the Princess all achievements walkthrough to get you to that end goal.

Slay the Princess: How to get all achievements

Starting off, your first achievement is most likely The Real Slay the Princess Starts Here. This is achieved by completing a first loop of the game- any route, any chapter two or three, as long as you get to the second mirror. Beyond that, we’re going route by route for this Slay the Princess: All achievements walkthrough.

The Spectre

  • An Evanescent Vessel (Hidden): Bring the Spectre to the Shifting Mound by letting her possess you and letting her leave or stabbing yourself.
  • The Exorcist: Let The Princess possess you, then stab yourself.
  • Heart-ripper: Anger the Princess into killing you by repeatedly trying to touch/slay her or refusing her request.
  • Hitchiker: Let the Princess possess you and leave the cabin.

The Nightmare

  • A Terrifying Vessel (Hidden): Bring the Nightmare to The Shifting Mound by leaving the cabin with her.
  • A Scattered Vessel (Hidden): Bring the Moment of Clarity to the Shifting Mound. Achieved by reaching the third chapter via trying to resist, but not slay, the Nightmare.
  • Terminal Velocity: Slay the Nightmare while on the stairs after agreeing to let her leave.
  • A World of Terror: Leave the cabin with The Nightmare.
  • A Monolith of Fear: Try to run away or refuse to help her.
  • No Exit: Slay the Nightmare at the bottom of the stairs.

The Wraith

  • A Seething Vessel (Hidden): Bring the Wraith to The Shifting Mound. This route is achieved by trying to kill either the Nightmare or the Spectre.
  • The Exorcist III: Throw yourself into the void when the Wraith takes over your body.
  • The Passenger: Get possessed and leave the cabin.

The Damsel- Slay the Princess All achievements walkthrough

  • A Loving Vessel (Hidden): Bring the Damsel to The Shifting Mound by leaving the cabin with her.
  • An Idealized Vessel (Hidden): When you free the Damsel, interrogate her about what she wants until the Shifting mound takes her.
  • Romantic Haze: Leave the cabin without killing her.
  • And they lived happily ever after: Complete the Damsel route via interrogating her until The Shifting Mound takes her.
  • Ladykiller: Slay the Damsel.

The Prisoner

  • A Guarded Vessel (Hidden): Get yourself locked in by the shackle and wait for time to pass.
  • A Gratuitous Vessel (Hidden): Take the Princess’ head out of the cabin after giving her the knife.
  • Prison of the Mind: Inspect the shackle and get yourself chained by it.
  • Coldly Rational: Slay the Prisoner.
  • Restless Thoughts: Slay the Prisoner, then try to accept the Narrator’s reward.
  • Talking Heads: Give the Prisoner your knife.

The Grey

  • A Burning Vessel (Hidden): Complete the Grey route by killing the Damsel and delivering the vessel to The Shifting Mound.
  • A Mournful Vessel (Hidden): Complete the Grey route by killing the Prisoner and delivering the vessel to The Shifting Mound.
  • Burning down the house: Complete the Grey route by killing the Damsel.
  • And all this longing…: Complete the Grey route by killing the Prisoner.

The Adversary

  • A Fierce Vessel (Hidden): Take the knife and fight The Adversary exactly how she wants you to.
  • A Tunneling Vessel (Hidden): Complete the route on The Eye of The Needle. This route is achieved by fighting The Adversary but not in the way she asks for.
  • Strike me down…: Refuse to fight The Adversary and stick to your guns.
  • I didn’t hear no bell: Fight the Adversary unarmed, then refuse to give up.
  • That which cannot die cannot die: After attacking the Adversary as she wants, ask her about ‘getting it’, then take the free shot and stay downstairs.
  • That shouldn’t have worked: See above. Stab her when she asks.
  • The blind leading the blind: Flee from The Eye of the Needle, lead her outside, then tell her she’s free now. Requires losing the previous fight.
  • A wide open field: Lure The Eye of the Needle outside, then attack her. Requires losing the previous fight.

The Tower

  • A Dominant Vessel (Hidden): Bring The Tower to The Shifting Mound by agreeing to free her.
  • A Godly Vessel (Hidden): Bring the Apotheosis to The Shifting Mound by defying the Tower.
  • The End of Something: Defy The Tower (easiest way is to resist her without the knife) and watch her become The Apotheosis.
  • Godkiller: Slay the Tower by taking the knife and defying her at every step.
  • Your Obedient Servant: Click the option to pledge yourself to The Tower.

The Fury

  • An Unwound Vessel (Hidden): Go through the Fury route by trying to kill The Tower or refusing to fight The Adversary.

The Beast

  • A Feral Vessel (Hidden): Get devoured by The Beast by standing still or talking to her, then tell her she can just leave with you.
  • A Wordless Vessel (Hidden): Bring The Den to The Shifting Mound by dodging The Beast.
  • Flight: Dodge The Beast at every turn, then on chapter three run away by luring her into the shadows.
  • Dissolving Will: Unlocks with A Feral Vessel.
  • Opossum: Play dead.
  • Freeze: You can only get this achievement if you’ve already done The Witch route and gotten The Wild through it. Pick any option besides to move when you come downstairs.
  • You can’t keep this up forever: Continue to dodge every time you’re given the opportunity.
  • Fight: Choose to fight the Princess with the knife.
  • Ahab: Bring the knife down and get devoured, then strike at the flesh on every round of choices.

The Witch- Slay the Princess: All achievements walkthrough

  • An Untrusting Vessel (Hidden): Either backstab the Witch, get backstabbed by the Witch, or make her go first and get locked in the cabin.
  • A Thorny Vessel (Hidden): Give the Knife to The Witch, then play through the next route.
  • The Scorpion: Backstab The Witch with the knife on the way out of the cabin.
  • The Frog: Go first up the stairs and be attacked by The Witch.
  • Past Life Gambit: Give The Witch your knife.
  • Knives Out and Masks Off: Attack The Witch.
  • Playing it safe: Leave The Witch in the basement.
  • Turning Over a New Leaf: Free The Thorn.
  • True Love’s Kiss: Do the above, then pick the option to kiss her.
  • Trust Issues: Try to kill The Thorn.
  • Abandonment: Leave The Thorn behind.

The Wild

  • An Endless Vessel (Hidden): Go along with The Princess’ desire to bury the hatred in your heart.
  • A Wounded Vessel (Hidden): Gaze at the hatred in your heart.
  • A Glimpse of Something Bigger: Ditto as Endless Vessel.
  • The Wound: Gaze at the hatred in your heart, then kill it.

The Razor

  • A Sharp Vessel (Hidden): Proceed through The Razor route with the knife.
  • A Beating Vessel (Hidden): Proceed through The Razor route without the knife.
  • Water and Steel: Ditto for having the knife.
  • Be Formless, Shapeless: Ditto for not having the knife.

The Stranger

  • The Illusion of Choice: Proceed through The Stranger route.

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  • The Good Ending: Slay the Princess without dying on chapter one and accept the Narrator’s reward.
  • You’re on a path in the woods…: Get to the end of the game, protest becoming a god, take the knife, and agree to reset everything with the Princess, then try to play through the game again.
  • Strange Beginnings: Complete a playthrough with The Stranger as your first Princess, then protest godhood and go to the cabin.
  • Death of the Author: Talk to the Narrator in the mirror until you run out of questions.
  • I Don’t Need Answers: When seeing The Narrator in the mirror, shatter it immediately.
  • Our Song: Complete any ending besides The Good Ending.
  • And? What Happens Next?: Leave the cabin with The Princess by protesting becoming a god with her and not taking the knife.
  • There are no endings: Break free of the Construct with The Shifting Mound.
  • Through Conflict: Protest becoming a god, get to the cabin, and don’t take the knife. Sit with The Princess.
  • A new and unending dawn: Stick to trying to Slay the Princess until the end.
  • The Body: Get to the end of the first route and peer in the mirror.
  • The Bloat: Get to the end of the second route and peer in the mirror.
  • The Decay: Get to the end of the third route and peer in the mirror.
  • The Remains: Get to the end of the fourth route and peer in the mirror.
  • The Long Quiet: Get to the end of the fifth route.
  • I Never Left Your Side: Try to outwait going back with The Shifting Mound.
  • Denial: Leave on chapter two or three once.
  • Anger: Leave on chapter two or three twice.
  • Bargaining: Leave on chapter two or three three times.
  • Depression: Leave on chapter two or three four times.
  • Acceptance: Leave on chapter two or three a final time.
  • Just as you once were nothing: Refuse to enter the cabin on the second or third chapter until you can’t anymore.
  • A new and unending dawn, and everyone hates you: Do an entire playthrough of chapter threes and piss off the Voices in your head as much as possible.

And with all that, you are at all ninety-seven achievements, and done! You have 100% the game as far as Steam is concerned. That was a lot of Princess slaying, time to take a break.

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