Who said sailing across the ocean wasn’t fun? Well, get ready, because here is where to find Telok Penjara in Skull and Bones.

Where to find Telok Penjara in Skull and Bones

Telok Penjora’s name itself may be just the only piece of information you need to guess and say that it is located far from Sainte Anne. And you would be right. If you have read our guide about how to get the Brigantine blueprint you know that getting to the East Indies – located northeast of Sainte Anne – is quite a perilous journey. If you haven’t then you need to know that the way is filled with high-tier enemy ships and gigantic waves. Don’t worry though, even with a Bedar the journey is quite possible if you take your distance and have a lot of patience – the way there is long.

Skull And Bones Telok Penjara Location
Image: PC Invasion

Once you get there, you will meet several vendors that will provide goods that could be useful for your journey. However, one of the main reasons to get to Telok Penjara in Skull and Bones is to purchase the Padewakang blueprint from the local Shipwright. It will cost you 5280 Silver and, when you are ready to build it, will require the following resources:

Padewakang Materials and Description

  • 18x Ironwood Plank
  • 15x Steel Ingot
  • 15x Fine Ramie
  • 4x Shellac
  • 4x Crude Saltpeter
ShipDescriptionShip TypePerks
PadewakangA larger ship capable of taking on multiple enemies when properly equipped.DPS: Specialized in dealing damage and status effects, the DPS favors an aggressive playstyle.Detonate: Explosive hits have a 70% chance of triggering an explosion, which deals 1000 damage within 125m Blast Radius. Increases to 100% of target ship is Ablaze. Increases damage to structures by 50% and Weapon Damage Radius by 12%.
Skull And Bones Padewakang Blueprint
Image: PC Invasion

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Reach the Brigand I before you travel to Telok Penjara if the Padewakang is your only objective. Get more Infamy by committing acts of piracy – after all, you are a pirate – and you will be all set to get these types of ships that may do more damage than your average Bedar or Dhow – especially the Dhow.

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