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A lot of choices you make in Baldur’s Gate 3 come down to picking sides. That’s especially true of your relationship with two sentient mushroom people you meet in the Underdark, Glut and Spaw. They just can’t seem to get along, and you must decide who gets to rule. Here is our guide explaining whether you should side with Glut or Spaw in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 – should you side with Glut or Spaw?

You meet both Glut and Spaw in the Myconid Colony. This area is located along the northern side of the Underdark, a fairly lengthy journey north from where our guide detailing how to get to the Underdark suggests entering that subterranean region. The mushroom people have a current leader, Spaw, and live alongside a ‘sovereign’ mushroom named Glut who wants to change the way things work. There are benefits whether you side with Glut or Spaw, but supporting Spaw tends to work out best.

Baldurs Gate 3 Sovereign Glut In Myconid Colony

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When you first arrive at the Myconid Colony, talk to both Glut and Spaw to learn their stories. You can find Glut on the lower road that leads through the main camp. If you talk to him, he may even join your party to help with fights in the area. Spaw is tending to wounded at higher elevations. Climb along the mushroom platforms to reach him.

Both myconid leaders want you to take care of a nearby threat, the Duergar. If you travel southwest from Myconid Colony, you will find some dwarves with military bearing, positioned along wood scaffolding near the Beach waypoint. If you haven’t brought along Glut, talking to them may trigger the Find the Missing Boots side quest. When I spoke with the Duergar captain, Gekh Coal, tensions rose. They attacked me and I ended them without Glut’s assistance.

Baldurs Gate 3 Meeting Gekh Coal Near The Beach Waypoint

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After the Duergar

Once you eliminate the Duergar threat, return to Myconid Colony. Even if you ignored Glut and Spaw previously, as I had on my first playthrough, you can talk to them now to learn their stories. Then you can make a choice about which of them to support. The different options work out as follows:

  • If you decide to support Glut, you must show him the body of the slain Duergar. Or, he may have seen it if he came with you to help kill them. Once the Duergar are dead, Glut asks you to kill Spaw next. If you accept Glut’s request, take him with you to meet and kill Spaw. Avoid attacking any other creatures that try to defend their leader and focus on Spaw to make it a short fight. Depending how things go, you could lose access to some colony features.
  • If you decide to support Spaw, you can readily continue to access the colony’s resources, including side quests. He gives you access to a nearby treasure cache you may already have investigated. Essentially, nothing changes.

Unless you are playing as an evil character, it makes the most sense to support Spaw. After all, Spaw rules what seems to be a largely peaceful and helpful colony.

Giving aid to Glut is the evil option, and gains approval from Astarion. The other option prompts Karlach and Lae’zal to express approval. Make whatever choice fits your character objectives.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available on Steam.

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