Almost every game now offers a refreshing battle pass with various rewards ranging from essential items to cool cosmetics. The advent of Diablo 4’s Season of the Malignant also introduced the game’s very first BP, which is already unlocked if you bought a Deluxe or Premium version of the game. However, for those who don’t have the battle pass yet, it can be quite a dilemma to decide whether to buy the whole thing or stick with the free stuff. 

The Diablo 4 Season 1 Battle Pass

Like any other Battle Pass, there are two versions of the BP, the Free and the Premium. The first one provides players with 27-tier rewards that can be unlocked via leveling up the battle pass. These include several cosmetic items and Smoldering Ashes. The Premium version will offer 63 Tiers, rewarding gamers with fabulous costumes and platinum currency. 

There is technically a third version of the Battle Pass, which you can buy on top of the Premium one. Players can get the Accelerated package, which skips the tiers by 20 levels and unlocks an additional cosmetic. It should be noted that you cannot get the Accelerated pack if you only have the Free BP. 

What to Expect from the Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass primarily rewards players with Cosmetic items, not essential materials. The only prize Wanderers can get from the BP with in-game implications is the Smoldering Ashes. This item is used to get various buffs like XP or Gold Boosts. Thankfully, this consumable is available in the Free Version, so you don’t need to buy the Premium one if you want to experience the benefits of this particular item. 

The main contention on buying the Premium Version is how many cosmetic rewards you will get from it. In addition to the quantity, the quality of these costumes impacts the value of the paid BP. Here are the various items that you can get from leveling up your Premium Battle Pass:

  • Warded Mustang Mount and Coldiron Barding – This horse mount comes with cold iron-themed barding, making it a striking and formidable addition to your character’s appearance.
  • Coldiron Vessel Focus Transmog (Sorcerer) – A focus transmog that aligns perfectly with the cold iron theme, offering a distinct visual for Sorcerers.
  • Heartglow Lantern Mount Trophy – A captivating mount trophy featuring a heart-shaped lantern, adding a touch of warmth and mystique to your collection.
  • Strength Test Emote (Barbarian) – Show off the might of your Barbarian with this emote, allowing them to display their strength in a fun and engaging way.
  • Coldiron Sagaris One-Handed Axe Transmog (Barbarian, Druid) – A formidable one-handed axe transmog designed to complement the Barbarian and Druid classes’ cold iron themes.
  • Coldiron Aegis Shield Transmog (Necromancer) – This shield transmog enhances the Necromancer’s cold iron motif, elevating their look and presence on the battlefield.
  • Coldiron Lamina Totem Transmog (Druid) – A totem transmog that perfectly captures the essence of the Druid’s affinity with nature and cold iron aesthetics.
  • 60 x Platinum (All Classes) – Platinum is a valuable currency that empowers players to acquire items and cosmetics from the in-game shop, offering flexibility in customizing their characters.
  • Cage Puppetry Emote (Necromancer) – This emote allows the Necromancer to demonstrate their mastery over a cage of skeletons, showcasing their sinister and commanding abilities.
  • Coldiron Bracers Arms Transmog (All Classes) – An arms transmog that grants all classes a touch of cold iron style, adding a layer of resilience and power to their appearance.
  • Awoken Coldiron Chest – This chest transmog reflects an awakened cold iron theme, offering a more intricate and potent design for all classes.
  • Awoken Coldiron Helm – The helm transmog with an awakened cold iron theme further enhances the visual impact of your character’s headgear.
  • Awoken Coldiron Barding and Mount – A barding and mount that embody the essence of an awakened cold iron theme, presenting a formidable and awe-inspiring presence.

In addition to these cosmetics, you will also gain 666 Platinum Coins, which might need to be more to buy you a whole costume set in the shop. 

How Much is the Diablo 4 Season 1 Battle Pass?

The whole Battle Pass will cost players around 1,000 Platinum Coins. The Accelerated BP will cost around 2,800 of this currency. Each tier skip will be about 200 PCs, so it might be pricey for gamers. You can get more platinum coins with real money via the in-game top-up shop. 

Is the Battle Pass Worth Buying?

In general, no, it is not. The only main advantage of getting the premium BP is the Coldiron set. Unless you want this specific costume, I would advise against getting the battle pass. However, if you bought the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition, you might as well grind BP since it is already unlocked.

It would take around 75 hours to finish the battle pass, so pace yourself properly to avoid getting burnt out. If you are considering buying BP for Platinum Coins, consider doing so. Completing the whole pass will grant you around 666 PCs, which is insufficient even to buy you a costume from the shop. In addition, you need more than the currency reward to buy you the next Battle Pass because its costs around 1000 Platinum Coins. Unless Blizzard reduces the price range for the BP, I recommend against getting the Premium Pass.

Blizzard will make future revisions to the battle pass to make it worth buying. The studio can either increase the quantity and quality of the rewards you gain or they can reduce the amount of Platinum you need to unlock it. If BP becomes more sustainable, then it will become worth buying.

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