We recently learned a lot about Super Mario Bros. Wonder thanks to Thursday’s Nintendo Direct, our first hands-on preview, and our interview with producer Takashi Tezuka and director Shiro Mouri. But maybe you’d like to see more?

In addition to new footage and other info, Nintendo released the 64 Super Mario Bros. Wonder screenshots below. Check them out and bask in all those lovely colors.

The screenshots highlight all the way that Nintendo manages to infuse its upcoming platformer with the sense of joy and (ahem) wonder that the series is known for. It also includes glimpses of the world map, the full cast, and the Elephant Mario power-up that everyone seems to like so much (but Shigeru Miyamoto didn’t like so much).

If you want to see Super Mario Bros. Wonder in action, you can also check out our full preview below.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder was first announced earlier this year. It’s a fresh take on the New Super Mario Bros. formula, bringing with it online co-op multiplayer and other features. It definitely leans into the weirder side of Mario, even allowing you to play as a Goomba.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the capper to a banner year for the plumber, which has also seen the opening of a new theme park and an animated movie that has grossed more than a billion dollars. Not too bad! It’s slated to launch October 20 on Nintendo Switch.

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