Pretty much any new PlayStation or Xbox controller nowadays can be used on a PC, too, and the same is true for Scuf Gaming’s various controllers it’s released over the years. But for its newest release, Scuf is putting out something different – the company announced this week a new controller called the Scuf Envision which was designed explicitly for use on the PC platform. It’s got the hair triggers and paddles many premium controllers come with as well as tons of extra inputs fit for PC users used to having a full keyboard at their disposal, and it’s available now.

Looking like something of a cross between a PS5 Dualsense controller and the current line of Xbox controllers, the Scuf Envision takes on a shape similar to both of those devices. It’s got the ABXY face buttons of an Xbox controller with the thumbstick and d-pad placement of a Dualsense as well as a touchpad where you’d find one on a PS5 controller. Beyond that, however, the controller has much more in terms of customizations when it comes to remapping inputs.

From what’s been shown off, the remappable inputs are one of the bigger features the controller boasts. According to Scuf, the Envision has 11 different buttons that can be mapped to different inputs. There are four buttons on the back that are more inlaid with the body of the controller compared to other devices’ paddles that jut out, and there’s one extra button on each side of the controller right beneath the triggers where your index finger would rest.

We’ve seen those extra inputs in different devices before, but the five remaining buttons are where the device really starts to differ. Near the bottom of the controller where you’d plug in a set of headphones, it’s got five extra “G-Keys” that can be geared towards PC users’ most frequent inputs.

“Showcasing its versatility, SCUF Envision boasts five fully programmable G-Keys for convenient access to any PC shortcut,” an overview of the controller explained. “Additionally, the controller features two Side Action (SAX) buttons that unlock new possibilities in game configurations, along with four integrated back paddles for faster reactions and more control in your favorite games. Switch weapons, jump, or slide, all without taking your thumbs off the thumbsticks. Launch an app, mute your microphone, or even launch your stream without your hands leaving the controller.”

There are two different versions of the controller available: the base Envision and the Envision Pro. The normal controller is wired only, has standard triggers and grips, and otherwise comes with all the extra inputs mentioned previously. The Envision Pro, however, is wireless, has “mouse-click triggers” that can be pulled quicker, and has grippier handles. Both are pricey as most premium controllers are with the normal Envision priced at $129.99 and the Envision Pro priced at $179.99. At the time of publishing, the Envision Pro appears to be sold out, though Scuf said on Twitter that restocks are on the way.

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