Fae Farm, an upcoming magical farming sim and RPG from developer and publisher Phoenix Labs, has a new gameplay overview trailer ahead of next month’s launch. It showcases character customization, decorations, exploration, treasure and more.

Originally expected to launch earlier this year, Fae Farm will release on September 8th, 2023, and pre-orders are open now. It will be available on PC and the Nintendo Switch. You can watch today’s new Azoria trailer on the Nintendo YouTube channel:

Fae Farm doesn’t reveal too much more than previous trailers in today’s new footage, and it might still have some trouble distinguishing itself in these crowded genres.

The devs of Fae Farm continue to bank on the level of freedom and a decidedly kid-friendly tone. It’s certainly vibrant, with colorful visuals and decent graphics. There are a variety of cute and creative creatures, which will be fun to discover. Players will also be able to befriend, romance, and even marry some of the islanders.

These mechanics may not be enough, especially now that free to play MMO Palia is arriving this winter. Palia recently teased a similar tone with even more expansive features in a lengthy first look showcase. It certainly supports more than three friends joining in, and still has a cozy, Disney-style world.

Ideally, Fae Farm will provide a better variety of environments to explore, and its magical world certainly allows for highly unique realms. Today’s trailer does focus on “the promise of discovery” throughout the game. If its world changes more frequently, and there’s enough content, it should please fans of comparable titles like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley.

Fae Farm also has more streamlined mechanics, so it might be more accessible, as compared to some of the complex building found in Palia.

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