Roblox Staff member Bitdancer announced that Roblox would be partnering with Synapse Softworks LLC. This is part of an initiative to make sure the site can get rid of cheaters and those that make the game unsafe. Even after “hundreds of thousands” of cheaters have been banned, Roblox still needs to take steps like this.

According to the announcement, Roblox and Synapse will work closely together in “analyzing security issues and developing countermeasures.” For those who don’t know, Synapse is a big corporation with many branches and services. Reverse engineering a system to find cheaters and hackers isn’t much of a problem for this company.

The announcement mentioned that those in charge of Roblox had said during RDC 2023, which was:

“Cheating and exploiting are not welcome on our platform, and we are using every measure within our power to combat it.”

Partnering with a company is a big deal, even if the specific reason may seem unrelated to the main operations. Roblox Staff aren’t necessarily showing signs that they can’t handle cheaters, but are instead letting their players know that they take it seriously. They take it so seriously that they’ll look for other companies that have a proven track record, like Synapse.

Call of Duty tends to use their own anti-cheat engines to combat cheaters, and we’ve seen the players say not much has changed. As a player of both Call of Duty and Roblox, I can tell you I have never seen a cheater in Roblox but I don’t need to play long to see a cheater in CoD.

To me, this speaks volumes on how much Roblox cares about keeping their players happy.

A lot of the comments in the post support Roblox. There are some developers who are happy to see it too. Cheating in the game takes away the potential earnings that developers could get so stopping cheaters is important.

We’ll have to see how this plays out, but Roblox has definitely upped its game against cheaters and hackers.

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