New to Risk of Rain Returns? You’ll need this Risk of Rain Returns tier list then! Find out which survivors are best to use and which should be benched as soon as possible.

Risk of Rain Returns is a remaster of the original title. This absolute classic features tons of high-impact action that has been improved and redesigned to suit every player. Collect a wide variety of loot, allowing you to cook up some interesting builds – some of which might not work out too well! The experimentation is part of the fun. With an expanded roster of characters, there are quite a few abilities to refamiliarise yourself with; new and old.

For more information about Risk of Rain Returns, make sure to check out the game’s Steam page, where you can also purchase it! If you’d like to find some new games to play, take a look at our Eternal Nen Codes guide, Reverse 1999 Pickles Build guide, and our Dungeon Quest Weapons guide.

Risk of Rain Returns Tier List

Risk of Rain Returns introduces brand-new characters, so which survivors should you prioritise? I’ve done the hard work for you, so all you need to do is take a look at the tier list below!

S Tier

The best survivors in Risk of Rain Returns. They work great no matter the situation and are an excellent addition to any team (especially in multiplayer!)

A Tier

Worthy successors to those in S-tier, but they do have a few more weaknesses in comparison.

B Tier

I recommend you use these survivors when you’re new to the game. Not because they’re good, but because you might as well try them out at first so you never have to play as them again.

C Tier

If you thought I was harsh with the B-tier survivors, wait until you hear what I have to say about those in C-tier. They’re bad.

D Tier

These survivors are somehow worse than the survivors in D-tier, which is an achievement.

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