Revenant's Reworked Abilities In Apex Legends Season 18 Are More Accessible Than Ever(1)

Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is a constantly evolving game. If you find a comfort zone and stick with it, it could be your downfall. With these small tweaks from the maps to the weapons, you should always assume you need to change how you play the battle royale. In Season 18 of Apex Legends, things have changed — but not like before. While each new season has a new hero, things are a little different this time around. For Season 18 Revenant’s abilities have been reworked to make him more accessible. This was because the robotic legend had a harder playstyle, which made him less popular. Hopefully with these reworks, our favorite bloodthirsty robot may be easier to play. However, if you play as Revenant in Apex Legends try reading this guide, your whole meta may have changed. 

Apex Legends: Revenant’s reworked abilities in Season 18

Because he changed quite a bit, Revenant has been placed in a whole new class to accommodate. He’s gone from being an Assault Legend to Skirmesher. He’ll be joining legends such as Horizon and Mirage from here on out. 

So let’s go over what’s been changed for the blood-crazed robot.

Skirmisher: If you’ve played any of the other legends in this class, you can probably tell how they work. With Revenant joining the fray, his mobility could benefit how this class operates. 

Assassin’s Instinct (Passive Ability): One of the cooler abilities in the game overall. If an enemy is nearby and with low health, you’ll be notified of that. Plus, now Revenant can crouch walk faster with the addition of being able to climb walls quicker. His climbing ability was salvaged and made faster for the new season. 

Shadow Pounce (Tactical Ability): This ability can make Revenant fun to play and amplifies the legend’s mobility. You can leap at an enemy in front of you. Additionally, if you hold the charge you can go further. One player discovered that “if you don’t look up“, you’ll go further on the leap. 

Forged Shadow (Ultimate Ability): I can see myself using this more often than not when I can. Upon activation, a shadow blankets over you giving you extra protection. In other words, you can fight more aggressively. The best part is that every time you knock down an enemy, it recharges until the timer runs out. This ultimate could overall make Revenant much easier to use.

Apex Legends Revenant(1)

Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

Unlike the other seasons of Apex Legends that brought smaller things like zip lines, it seems like in season 18 will have a lot going on. With Revenant changing how he plays, you may see a lot more of him.


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