Capcom has today pushed out a surprising new update for its remake of Resident Evil 2 across all platforms. When RE2 initially launched back in early 2019, it was the first in a string of new updates that Capcom would go on to release in the Resident Evil series. And while this year’s remake of Resident Evil 4 is the most recent such entry to come about, Capcom has now gone back to RE2 to release some fixes that some fans have been requesting.

Available to download across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms, this new patch for Resident Evil 2 isn’t a massive one by any means. For the most part, this update looks to add a new display language while also rectifying the descriptions of various achievements in specific languages. Outside of these small tweaks, Capcom has also rectified various bugs and other problems that have continued to linger in RE2. The specifics of what these bugs have been tied to have not been provided, though, which means that fans are a bit in the dark when it comes to everything that this patch accomplishes.

Here’s the full list of patch notes for this new Resident Evil 2 update:

Added Latin American Spanish as a display language.

Fixed achievements that weren’t displayed correctly in some languages.

Fixed some bugs/issues.

Moving forward, it seems unlikely that Resident Evil 2 will continue to receive many more updates of this kind. Not only did today’s patch essentially come out of nowhere, but Capcom is likely far more focused on its recent releases like Resident Evil 4, Street Fighter 6, and Exoprimal. As such, this could very well be the final update that RE2 ever receives in its lifespan unless players happen to discover more issues over time.

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