It’s just another day mowing down hordes of otherworldly monstrosities as I hop from one post-apocalyptic dimension to the next. I’ve got my faithful doggo by my side and a full clip of ammo in my Blackmaw assault rifle. Things are looking peachy as I bring down several hulking bosses and put them in their virtual graves. But, wait! Why has Remnant 2 suddenly booted me back to the Xbox dashboard? That’s… odd.

Nothing to worry about, folks! Just need to load up my save and… OH! Why am I having major déjà vu vibes right now… isn’t this the place I was at, like, SIX HOURS AGO? Maybe those awesome rings and relics I found are still in my invent– nope, they’re gone, too. Oh, bummer.

Yes, we’ve all been there, I know! Losing your save progress can be a real kick in the teeth, but I’ll be honest: it hasn’t happened to me in a hot minute. But you know what really rubs salt in the wound? It’s happened to me twice in Remnant 2 now. TWICE. *Big Sigh*

Remnant 2 gameplay, flautist
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Thing is, I’m still absolutely loving the game so far — sans the save bugs, of course! The gunplay is tight and responsive, the enemy roster is creative and diverse, and the volume of distinct biomes is mighty impressive. Really, it’s a helluva good time, especially if you’ve got some buddies in tow. (I’ve got to make do with my loyal pooch, which I’ve endearingly nicknamed Rambo thanks to how gosh darn fierce he is, but I digress…)

Initially, my first hunch as to the cause of this headache was that it was some kind of bug related to the Quick Resume feature on Xbox Series X|S. For the unaware, Microsoft’s console keeps the game in a sort of permanent save state so that you can jump straight back in where you left off. Frankly, it’s an absolute game changer, and a feature I adore. Unfortunately, though, it may be why Remnant 2 doesn’t save properly on Xbox platforms.

That being said, taking a brief gander over on Reddit and a few other online forums, it does appear that the title suffers from save data bugs across PC and PS5 as well. Hopefully, Gunfire Games can deploy a patch to help ameliorate the problem in the future. After all, they’ve been pretty active in supporting the game so far. Case in point: the Austin-based studio recently dropped an update that improves the performance of the game by quite a wide margin on consoles, which is always welcome.

Remnant 2 gameplay

After the second instance of the save bug, I’ve now begun exiting out of my game and saving every half an hour or so. Sure, it’s far from ideal, as it’s not exactly super convenient. But it’s better than losing hours of progress, right? I mean, seriously, a third time could easily be the straw that breaks the Root Zombie’s back. Ah, who am I kidding? Remnant 2 is just that good.

But how about you, though? Have you experienced any save bugs in Remnant 2? Or are you simply having a blast with your friendos? Pet those canines in the usual place below and let us know.

Remnant 2 is available now for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC.

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