Because of its speed, there’s a natural inclination for all Spacefarers to fast travel as much as possible, getting from Planet A to Point B to NPC C as efficiently as they can. However, there’s a pretty compelling reason to cut down on your fast travel usage.

It was outlined in a Sept. 5 Reddit post by one player, who explained that their desire to speed between locations was inadvertently affecting their ability to get engaged with the narrative and immersed in the story.

“At the start I was doing this for convenience but I was unknowingly missing a lot of the game’s content because of this,” they said. “So I would just fast travel from the surface of one planet to a location I’ve already visited on a different planet, even in a different system.”

Instead, it’s better for players to enter their ship, manually select their destination when in space and allow the cut scene of arrival to play out. Doing so allows exposition to be delivered, as well as a series of random and enjoyable space encounters that make Starfield the exploration epic it should be.

The player finished up: “Honestly, some of the best stuff I’ve experienced in the game has been because of this shift in play style. I know it’s a bit more work but you’re missing out on a lot of encounters if you just teleport everywhere. Take your time and the game will reward you. Personally I think it’s more immersive this way too.”

Fast travelling is still valid in a number of scenarios, like if you’re pressed for time, speedrunning, or returning to a location you’ve visited loads of times. Assuming you’re progressing the story and reaching new areas, take your time and enjoy the scenery.

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