The Modern Warfare 3 Beta is already in its second week and players are finding their feet. The new engine, movement mechanics, and updated weaponry are a breath of fresh air for players. Old players have found the new remastered maps a blast from the past, while newcomers to the series are enjoying the expected continuation of the trilogy. While some things are hidden, most of the Beta has been explored and combed through. However, Sledgehammer Games has just shared a small video with the community that has flipped our perception of flashbangs.

Sledgehammer Games shows us a player being completely unaffected by a flash grenade just a meter away.

This new change allows players to quickly turn from an incoming flashbang to avoid its effects. It’s a small change but has been requested by the community for years. Comments on the post show that many, including myself, had not realized such a simple but effective change had been implemented in Modern Warfare 3. It makes me wonder what other secrets have flown under the radar…

In previous installments, there was never any counterplay to flashbangs or concussion grenades. If they hit near you, you’re stuck with a white screen or movement speed slowed to a crawl. Some perks lessened the flashbang/concussion effect such as Battle Hardened or Tac Mask, but never a way to outright avoid it.

Activision’s Call of Duty series is 20 years old and only now are we finally getting some basic counterplay to a piece of equipment. This is a little baffling that a first-person shooter as storied as Call of Duty was without this change. The community and I simply took the undodgeable flashbangs as an edict of the Activision Gods, there’s no wonder this small addition has gone unnoticed.

There we go! Finally, we have a way to avoid those pesky flashes and continue the game without being visually stun-locked. Be sure to stick with us at Twinfinite for all the upcoming updates and news as we move closer to the release of Modern Warfare 3.

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