As it does every month, PlayStation confirmed, via the PlayStation.Blog, the games that will be available to download at no additional cost for PlayStation Plus Essential (or higher) subscribers during the month of September, and at the bottom of this blog post, PlayStation threw in a pretty important announcement, which is that the annual plans for its three PlayStation Plus tiers would be suffering sharp price increases (starting in November), and this garnered a significantly negative reaction from fans.

First, a breakdown. PlayStation is currently divided into three tiers, Essential, Extra, and Premium. PlayStation offers monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription plans, but for the sake of relevance, only the 1 and 12-month plans will be shown.

PlayStation Plus Essential: New annual price – $79.99 (Current annual price – $59.99, current monthly price $9.99)

PlayStation Plus Extra: New annual price – $134.99 (Current annual price – $99.99, current monthly price $14.99)

PlayStation Plus Premium: New annual price – $159.99 (Current annual price – $119.99, current monthly price $17.99)

As you can see, the price increases range from $20.00 to $40.00. Clearly, it’s still much better to pay yearly than monthly, but regardless, many players had been accustomed to these yearly prices, particularly in the Essential tier (which was formerly the only PlayStation Plus offering in existence).

Both in the comments of this very blog post, as well as on Twitter, fans have gone out in droves to lambaste this decision by PlayStation, with some claiming that this is the last straw for them and that they do not plan to renew the service following their current plan’s conclusion. Their various points include that the increase is too steep to occur without any added value to the service.

Players will be forced to pay upwards of 30% more than what they currently are without getting anything in return. When it comes to Essential, players are additionally upset because all the service offers is online play, which many already consider overpriced, and monthly Plus games, the quality and budget of which vary significantly per month.

Others pointed out that this was a particularly odd month to announce this price hike, as September’s PS Plus games, like Saints Row (2022), and Generation Zero, were widely considered to be quite underwhelming. Furthermore, a lot of criticism was aimed at the Premium tier price increase, as many PlayStation fans believe it had already been lacking in its classic game collection (one of the tier’s main selling points) prior to this price hike.

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