The logo for the company behind FiveM and RedM
Image: Rockstar

Over the last couple of years, roleplaying content inside of Grand Theft Auto V has carved out a considerable audience and community online. After seeing much success, the developer behind the mods,, has been acquired by Rockstar Games, meaning that FiveM and RedM are now officially part of Rockstar.

Rockstar made the announcement in a blog post, stating that the company has been excited by what has been accomplished in the roleplaying communities. This new partnership is intended to help the team at better implement these mods and ensure that it can optimize its current services. The GTA developer states that there will be more news in the coming weeks.

This is a developing story and more information will be added as it becomes available. Check back at Try Hard Guides for all the latest information about FiveM and RedM being acquired by Rockstar.

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