Pokemon and Digimon are two of the biggest monster-catching and taming franchises in existence, commonly seen as rivals to one another. Because of this, it’s only natural that some monster designs between the two franchises will follow similar concepts or visual appearances.

However, between them both, one question remains; which universe has the cutest critters? We’ve rounded up ten different duos to battle it out for bragging rights, so follow along below.

Charmander & Agumon

Charmander from Pokemon and Agumon from Digimon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Bandai Namco

Both Charmander and Agumon are iconic and widely recognizable in terms of creature design, sharing many similarities. Both are orange reptilian-like creatures with fire abilities, with Charmander being based on a salamander, and Agumon taking on a more dinosaur-based appearance. While Charmander is known for the use of the Ember attack, Agumon mirrors this with Pepper Breath. But among the two of them, who takes the tile of the cutest little fire lizard?

I’d have to say Charmander narrowly wins this battle. While Agumon is undeniably also rather kawaii, the dino-like shape of his face and big sharp claws lose out cute factor compared to Charmander’s more flat-faced shape and tiny little hands. Plus, Charmander has a little tail flame, which adds to his charm, giving him a tiny lead when it comes to the cute factor.

Seel & Gomamon

Seel from Pokemon and Gomamon from Digimon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Bandai Namco

Next up we have two silly little seal pals set to duke it out for the title of the most adorable ‘Mon. Both have similar color palettes, the same eye color, big, flipper-like paws, and some sharp teefs that stick out of their little mouths. Gomamon takes this one out as the champion of cuteness. While Seel is a cute little fella with his clueless little glance and tongue sticking out like a true sea puppy, Gomamon just has those big adorable eyes to draw you in.

On top of this, his fangs are tiny in comparison to Seel’s, and he has some purple markings to make his design that much more interesting. While he loses cute points for those sharp black claws on the end of his flippers, these points are immediately won back by his little mohawk. How could you not love a silly little seal pal with a mohawk? Yep, Gomamon is the clear winner here.

Maractus & Palmon

Maractus from Pokemon and Palmon from Digimon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Bandai Namco

The battle continues with the next two plant creatures, Maractus, and Palmon, going head to pointy head. While both have heavy plant influences in their designs, Maractus takes the form of a cactus friend, while Palmon takes influences from palm trees and tropical flowers. This is yet another very evenly-matched duo when it comes to the cute factor, however, I’d have to agree that Palmon just manages to secure victory over his opponent.

While Maractus does have a friendly little face, it is much more spikey than the Digimon equivalent, which makes it seem less cute and huggable. Palmon, on the other hand, only has long claws to look out for. The rest of Palmon’s body is shaped much like a little plant-based teddy bear, even gaining the legs that Maractus lacks. Because of this, there’s no doubt that it gains more cute points than Maractus. Plus, it has a cute little hair curl on its flowery head of hair, which is just the cherry on top of an adorable design.

Spritzee & Piyomon

Sprtizee from Pokemon and Piyomon from Digimon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Bandai Namco

When it comes to fluffy pink bird-like creatures, both Pokemon and Digimon have valuable contenders in the form of Spritzee and Piyomon. While both certainly look like they’d be soft and snuggly little friends, I must admit that Piyomon is the clear winner here when it comes to aspects of cuteness in design.

The most obvious reason for this is that although both are bird-like creatures, Piyomon looks much more bird than Spritzee, with its little beak, talons, and big, animal-like eyes. Spritzee also has big adorable eyes and a cute little poof of hair on top of its head, however, its face is rather strange, which results in the loss in this battle of cuteness. I mean, is that a beak? Where does it start? where does it end? Where the hell is Spritzee’s mouth? How does this poor creature breathe and eat? Do I even want to know?

Meowth & Tailmon

Meowth from Pokemon and Tailmon from Digimon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Bandai Namco

This battle involves two undeniably adorable cat creatures, which makes it an unbelievably close call between the two. Both Meowth and Tailmon have a lot of lovable design aspects, such as their little paws, big feline-like eyes, and pointed cat fangs included in their design. However, I must admit, as much as Meowth has a special place in my heart, I believe Tailmon manages to claim victory in this battle of adorableness.

While Tailmon does have some big, sharp claws which makes it look a little more dangerous than adorable, its facial features more than make up for this. Whereas Meowth has a very lovable face, Tailmon’s eyes are much bigger and more colorful, which draws you in much more. It also has a cat-like nose, which Meowth is missing, and feline-like whiskers, rather than Meowth’s whisker-like spines. And of course, the little tufts of fur on Tailmon’s ears and tail also add to its adorable looks.

Emolga & Patamon

Emolga from Pokemon and Patamon from Digimon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Bandai Namco

Patamon and Emolga both take on the form of a flying rodent-like creature, with Emolga being based on a flying squirrel, and Patamon drawing inspiration from a guinea pig. While these two are certainly both endearing little creatures, I must give the victory to Pokemon for Emolga’s design in this battle for cuteness.

In comparison to Emolga, Patamon just seems much more simplistic and less memorable. The wings on this Digimon are also placed in a fairly strange place, appearing out of Patamon’s head, rather than its back or arms. Emolga, on the other hand, has adorable little cheeks that loosely resemble Pikachu, adorable rounded ears, big beady eyes, a bushy tail, and of course, a big joyful grin on its face.

Ledian & Tentomon

Ledian from Pokemon and Tentomon from Digimon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Bandai Namco

These two are both buggy little buddies based on the ladybug species, and while they are certainly both original and lovable in various ways, Ledian, unfortunately, knocks Tentomon out of the ring when it comes to cuteness.

While they both have big compound eyes, Ledian’s have a sparkling white pupil, which makes its little face look significantly softer and more adorable than Tentomon’s soulless green stare. Ledian also has little white hands, which make this small bug much more friendly and approachable looking in comparison to Tentomon’s big, pointed limbs.

Eevee & Veemon

Eevee from Pokemon and Veemon from Digimon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Bandai Namco

This one may seem like a strange comparison at first, as Eevee and Veemon don’t appear to have all that much in common, apart from both sharing ‘vee’ in their names. However, these creatures have a much bigger similarity than some may realize; both gain the power to evolve into several different forms.

Honestly, this one is far too difficult to argue, as these creatures are both so different from one another, yet so similar at the same time. On one hand, there’s Eevee, an adorable little fox creature who looks extremely soft and cuddles, complete with an adorable little face. And then there’s Veemon, a dinosaur/reptile-like friend with adorable zig-zag-shaped ears, a tiny little horn nose, and big, expressive eyes that make him look so friendly and endearing. There’s no way we can confirm a victory here, so we’ll settle for a tie; a point to each of them!

Ninetales & Kyubimon

Ninetales from Pokemon and Kyubimon from Digimon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Bandai Namco

Both of these mystical-looking beings are influenced by the concept of the nine-tailed fox, each being extremely lovable to fans of their franchise. I must admit, when it comes to design, I think Kyubimon is the clear winner, as it has that much more of a magical and unique element to it, leaving Ninetales looking rather plain in comparison. However, this is not about which design is better, but rather which species is the cuter of the two…so in that case, I have to go with Ninetales. Sorry, Kyubimon, you were so close, yet so far away.

Kyubimon is much more magical looking, however, the narrowed eyes, monster-like claws, and powerful stance make it much more intimidating. Ninetales, on the other hand, has a friendly little grin, soft cuddly fur, and an elegant pose complete with a gentle gaze. Doesn’t this make Ninetales look like the absolute best giant fox-doggo pet anyone could ever ask for? I certainly think so, which makes this Fire-Type Pokemon the winner when it comes to cute factors.

Sunflora & Sunflowmon

Sunflora from Pokemon and Sunflowmon from Digimon
Image Source: The Pokemon Company & Bandai Namco

There is nothing better than silly little plant friends when it comes to monster designs, and both Pokemon and Digimon have lovable critters based on sunflowers. Now, these two are certainly extremely lovable, which makes it a tough call and one of them is cuter. Sunflowmon has cute beady little eyes, while Sunflora has a big happy smile. Sunflowmon has leafy wings, while Sunflora’s body is much more curved and round-shaped making it look less threatening. And then there’s their adorable sunflower petals decorating both of their faces like the mane of a lion.

After careful evaluation, I have to give this victory to Sunflora. While Sunflowmon is a cute little pal too, it has a much lankier body, using rough and jagged shapes in comparison to Sunfloa’s leafy limbs. And of course, Sunflowmon is lacking the happy smile Sunflora beams, instead wielding a fanged frown on its face. Just look at the joy on Sunflora’s face, that alone makes it a clear winner when it comes to who is the more adorable sunflower monster.

Considering all of these results, it seems Pokemon has barely scraped by to claim the crown over Digimon by a single point. What do you think of these results? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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Grace is a writer, digital artist, and character illustrator from New Zealand with a love for fiction and storytelling. Grace has been writing for Twinfinite for seven months and in the games industry for a year. She’s a horror enthusiast, occasional anime enjoyer, and die-hard Ghost-Type Pokemon fangirl. Her favorite video games include Overwatch 2, Life is Strange, The Last of Us, and Pokemon – all of which she will never tire of.

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