The newly announced Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket is quietly correcting a 26-year-old error with the card game, fixing the logo on the card backs. The mobile version of the beloved TCG surprised fans with its announcement during Tuesday’s Pokemon Presents broadcast, bringing a new way for fans to play the popular card game. The initial reveal of Pokemon TCG Pocket teased a new style for the game, featuring a simplistic “streamlined” gameplay experience to entice new players. Now, the game’s cards are the focus of a quiet but long-needed fix.

The digital cards were one of the biggest focuses of Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket’s reveal, highlighting the ease of access and the immersive designs. Pocket announced with its reveal that fans will be treated to two free packs of Pokemon cards within the app every day following its launch. The card designs are also receiving a major makeover within Pokemon TCG Pocket, featuring “immersive” visuals that allow players to look around the scenes within the card arts. Now, fans are noticing a major fix to the Poke Ball logo on the back of the cards.

As reported by IGN, Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket made a small but significant change to the backs of the game’s cards. Twitter user TAHK0 recently shared the discovery that Pocket’s digital cards feature a re-designed version of the iconic Poke Ball logo, now correctly featuring the Poke Ball’s button connected to the top side. The physical Pokemon Trading Card Game has contained the error with its art since its early days, with the button used to operate the Poke Ball erroneously attached to the bottom. The card back re-design also features more visual flair, with multi-colored sparkles and a more pronounced swirl effect.

The quality-of-life fix also came with other curious observations about the seemingly obvious long-running card art error. TAHK0 pointed out later in the replies that the Japanese version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game had originally fixed the issue years prior, with the error remaining in other regions. Some fans suggested that the lack of corrections to the error may be for tournament purposes, with players able to distinguish between the different card backs. The Pokemon Company has not directly addressed the change to its card designs.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket’s reveal as a simplified version of the card game comes as the TCG has recently seen multiple major additions to its digital lineup. Last year saw the launch of Pokemon Trading Card Game Live as the newest official app for the original game, acting as a successor to Pokemon TCG Online. Nintendo also added the Game Boy version of Pokemon Trading Card Game to Nintendo Switch Online late last summer. Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket looks to bring even more fans into the mega-popular card game.

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