Sony has officially unveiled the PlayStation Portal, and as a cloud-exclusive Remote Play handheld device, it’s obviously got a few caveats attached. The fact that it can’t play native games – or any native media – is, of course, one of them, while it’s also been confirmed that even the cloud library of PlayStation Plus Premium won’t be supported.

In addition, it’s also been confirmed that the PlayStation Portal won’t have Bluetooth. As reported by The Verge, that means users won’t be able to pair the PS5’s Pulse 3D wireless headset with the handheld device. The newly-revealed Pulse Elite headset and Pulse Explorer earbuds will be supported, but you’ll have to connect them using Remote Play. If you want to use them on a PS5, you’ll have to do so via a USB adapter.

Meanwhile, in its preview video, CNET has said that the PlayStation Portal’s battery life will be comparable to the DualSense controller, which would mean roughly 8-9 hours. On the other hand, in its preview, IGN says that the handheld’s battery life is yet to be finalized, which is mentioned in Kinda Funny’s preview as well. Reports have previously claimed that the device will have a battery life of 3-4 hours.

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