An image of what appears to be the rumored new PS5 model with a detachable disc drive has leaked on a popular Chinese gaming forum. While there’s currently no confirmation that the photo is real, the console’s appearance falls in line with what reliable leakers have said about the model before.

The photo in question originally appeared on A9VG. The tweet embedded below shares a bit more information about the leak.

Apparently, the console’s thickness is roughly the same as the current model’s, but its height is about 5 cm shorter. There are slits on both sides (presumably something to do with the detachment option), and two type C ports in the front.

If this pic is real, the revised model does look a tad slimmer but we certainly can’t classify it as “PS5 Slim.” Known insider Tom Henderson — who originally leaked the existence of the detachable drive model — said as much before. Henderson disputed claims of a “slim” model, arguing that his sources have only confirmed the PS5 Pro and a similar-sized model with a detachable drive.

In case the tweet above disappears by the time our readers get to this article, a copy is saved over on ResetEra (we’re refraining from embedding it here in case of a copyright strike).

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