After going through September in Persona 3, October will be a relatively busy time for this year as there will be exams and story events. This is even more prevalent in November, as that month will be the start of the endgame sequence for the story.  By this point, most of your Social Links will be done, and you can spend the later days doing whatever you want, like focusing more on Tartarus runs or just generally hanging out with your favorite characters. For now, we will go through the following schedule for the months of October and November:

For the remaining Social Links that aren’t available on certain days, you can go to Naganaki Shrine and draw a Fortune of a specific Arcana to boost their Social Links without having to actually visit them, which should make efficient use of your free days. Make sure to visit PlayerAuctions to check out the other Persona 3 reload monthly guides.

October Daily Schedule

Starting with the first day of the month, hang out with Yukari and Mutatsu. On the 2nd, continue Bebe’s Social Link story, and tonight, rescue the two missing persons, Aki Kurobe and Yasunobo Shimozono. They can be found between Floor 133 and Floor 142. Once they’re saved, clear out the whole Monad passage. Use this night to level up as much as you can before the Full Moon Operation comes up in two days. On the 3rd, hang out with Yuko in the afternoon and Mutatsu again for the night.

The Full Moon Operation happens on October 4, so clear it to move forward.

October 5’s afternoon is occupied by a story event. In the evening, hang out with Koromaru. On the 6th, continue with Koromaru, and tonight, take on Elizabeth’s request for Glasses Wipe and use the shared computer in Iwatodai Dorm with either the health or SP boosting programs. For the 7th, hang out with Hayase and then later speak to Ikutsuki, the SEES advisor for the requested Glasses Wipe, and explore Tartarus up to Floor 151.

On October 8, go to the shrine and draw Chihiro’s fortune for her Social Link. Tonight, return to Tartarus to advance to Floor 161. On the 9th, go out with Hayase once more then hang out with Akihiko tonight. On the 10th, draw Bebe’s fortune in the shrine and give Koromaru a walk tonight. For October 11, hang out with Akinari at the shrine and do another combat stat boost program with the computer. For the 12th, keep at it with the shared computer for both periods, but you could also join the SEES study group if you want to see more character moments.

Days 13 to 16 will be occupied by the mid-term exams, so consult the classroom answers list for the answers.

On October 17, hang out with Yuko and go to Tartarus tonight to reach Floor 169. On the 18th, continue with Akinari and walk Koromaru again. On the 19th, claim Mitsuru’s reward for passing the mid-terms, hang out with Fuuka, and explore Tartarus to the border tonight. On the 20th, hang out with Bebe one last time to max out his Social Link then watch TV with Yukari in the evening. Following the previous monthly guides, you will also max out Yuuko’s Social Link on the 21st, but on that day, Maiko and a man named Ryohei Nakatsugawa will be reported as missing. Tonight, cook with Akihiko. For October 22, hang out with Chihiro and read with Fuuka tonight. On the 23rd, hang out with Odagiri in the Student Council Room and cook again, but this time with Yukari.

On October 24, you should be able to complete Chihiro’s Social Link if you hang out with her today. You can walk with Koromaru later. On the 25th, hang out with Akinari once more, and for the SEES hangout, go gardening with Aigis. On the 26th, go with Fuuka and then Mitsuru tonight. On the 27th, socialize with Keisuke in the Art Room, then watch TV with Mitsuru. On the 28th, go out with Mitsuru, and tonight, rummage through Aragaki’s room for some items, then sally out to Tartarus to rescue the missing persons. They can be found between Floors 145 to 160.

On October 29, hang out with Yukari and Fuuka. For the 30th, it is Odagiri and Yukari in that order. Lastly, for the end of the month, go with Yukari and Junpei.

October Classroom Answers

  • October 7: Dopamine
  • October 10: Helena Blavatsky
  • October 13: Addiction
  • October 14: Pythagoras
  • October 15: Superconductivity
  • October 16: To reveal a secret
  • October 19: India
  • October 22: Venus
  • October 26: Izumo
  • October 30: Beta-amylase

November Daily Schedule

On the first day of the month, go out with Akinari for the day and missing person extraction in Tartarus for the night. You can find him between Floors 162 to 168. On November 2, hang out with Odagiri and use a combat stat boost program on the dorm computer.

November 3 will be the game’s last Full Moon Operation event, so make sure your Personas, levels, and items are in order.

November 4 and 5 will have you see Pharos’ Social Link max out, a SEES group event for the day and other mandatory story cutscenes. On the night of the 5th, use the dorm computer again.

On November 6, hang out with Hayase. Then, visit Elizabeth for her Dog Food request, which requires you to visit Koromaru to receive said item. After fulfilling that task, take on the next request for a Featherman R figurine. End the night with a Tartarus expedition up to Floor 179. On the 7th, go out with Fuuka and talk to Ken in the evening for the Elizabeth request.  End the day by walking Koromaru. On the 8th, this will be the last day to finally complete Akinari’s Social Link if you go with him today. Like yesterday, walk Koromaru tonight.

On November 9, Ryoji will take up the day period to introduce himself. Make sure to reach Floor 193 of Tartarus on this night.

For November 10, go out with Keisuke and Aigis, respectively. On the 11th, it’s Yukari and Aigis once again. 12th is Yukari and Fuuka, in that order. The 13th is for Fuuka and movie night with Ken. On the 14th, hang Yukari first then reach the next border at Floor 198. The 15th is for Hayase and another stat boost program with the dorm computer. On November 16th, hang out with Odagiri and do the Monad passage on Floor 197.

From November 17 to 20, you will go through a mandatory event with the school trip to Kyoto, so sit back and enjoy the story.

On November 21, Mitsuru’s Social Link will finally be available. You will find her outside the Faculty Room in school. Since you should have maxed out Academics by this point, there is no need to worry about her requirements. Tonight, watch TV with Akihiko. On the 22nd, hang out with Hayase and make coffee with Ken before doing the Dark Hour story event with Chidori and Junpei. On the 23rd, work part-time at Jagall Cafe for some extra cash and do another program on the computer.

From November 24 to 27, this will be the Career Day event, which will also skip time in the calendar.

On the 28th, Katsue Sugi and Tomoyuki Itami will go missing in Tartarus, but for now, go out with Yukari and watch TV with Akihiko. For the 29th, go out with Hayase first then in the night, go to Club Escapade to buy dating URLs from the URL seller. Then, use the dorm computer to gain more combat stats.

Finally, on the 30th, complete Yukari’s Social Link and then hang out with Mitsuru for the night.

November Classroom Answers:

  • November 7: The Upanishads
  • November 12: Her Favorite Time Is Winter
  • November 30: The cherry blossoms

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