Wondering if the Peroxide Vermin Schrift is worth a reroll? This guide covers the basics for the brand-new Schrift/Vollstandig to help you decide if it’s the right one for you!

Peroxide is a Roblox RPG that draws inspiration from the hit anime series, Bleach. You play as a Hollow, Soul Reaper, or Quincy, and have to improve your power by training and battling opponents. There are a variety of abilities that you can unlock too, as you strive to become the most powerful character in the server.

For more information about Peroxide, you can visit the game’s official Roblox page. We also have a full Peroxide Shikai guide, Peroxide Schrift tier list, and a Peroxide Shikai tier list!

Peroxide Vermin Guide

Now, let’s delve deeper into the latest Quincy Schrift in Peroxide, Vermin.

What is Vermin?

Vermin is a brand-new Schrift/Vollstandig in Peroxide! It’s important to note that a Schrift/Vollstandig can only be used by Quincy characters. To become a Quincy, you’ll need to be placed into a Quincy clan – and there are quite a few.

Vermin Rarity

  • Rare: 20% Drop Rate Chance

It costs 200 Robux to reroll your Schrift!

Vermin Abilities

  • Hook Shot
  • Hornet Drill
  • Black Pestilence
  • Ultimate: Plaguebringer

Becoming a Quincy

To become a Quincy, you’ll have to roll one of the clans below. Some of the clans are more difficult to roll on than others, hence the rarity categories that range from Common to Legendary. As you can see from the drop rate percentage, clans in the Legendary category are extremely rare. Plus, the rarer the clan, the better the buffs are.

Quincy Clans

Common: 89%

  • Lloyd – 5 Reiatsu
  • Fahriel – 5 Strength
  • Weidment – 5 Agility
  • Ehmerger – 5 Agility
  • Bernoth – 5 Spirit
  • Erliss – 5 Reiatsu
  • Plessnone – 5 Strength
  • Sternell – 5 Strength
  • Rowoux – 5 Reiatsu
  • Daloir – 5 Reiatsu
  • Grubia – 5 Vitality
  • Heidlach – 5 Vitality

Rare: 9%

  • Haschwalth – 15% Reiatsu multiplier and 20% Spirit multiplier
  • Valkyrie – 20% Vitality multiplier and 20% Strength multiplier
  • Parnkgjas – 15% Spirit multiplier and 20% Reiatsu multiplier
  • Barro – 15% Spirit multiplier and 20% Vitality multiplier

Legendary: 2%

  • Yhawch – 15% Strength multiplier, 13% Vitality multiplier, 10% boost to Reiatsu regen, and 12% boost to HP regen
  • Ishida – 15% Spirit multiplier, 10% Vitality multiplier, 15% Reiatsu multiplier, and 10% boost to HP regen

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